Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2 Pesos - Undies...

Hello my dear brides! I'm sure you are probably wondering what on earth I'm talking about NOW ... I PROMISE when the holidays are over I will be back to my old wedding and event self, but first I wanted to tell you about a tradition we do over here on New Year's Eve, that actually I started doing when I lived up top, i.e. the good US of A!

So, it's related to your undies, i.e. underwear, i.e. in Spanish "calzones" (you should have heard everyone laugh when I told them one time I wanted to make calzones for dinner ... whole other meaning over here!). I don't know who started this tradition, but it goes like this: on New Year's Eve you wear either yellow underwear for work, red underwear for love, green for money and white underwear for luck. They must be a gift given to you (you don't buy it yourself), so hubby and I usually give each other our theme for the year in our stockings :). I know it sounds CRAZY but I've been doing it since the first year I met my husband (and the next year we tied the knot, so to speak!). Now, I'm not saying it's the underwear for sure but I figure it can't hurt!

Juicy Couture

The other tradition is related to grapes. Each guest gets 12 grapes to represent each month and, at midnight, you eat each one and make a wish for the upcoming year. We have a full house this year so we will be buying oodles of grapes!

So, if you want to incorporate a little Latin flavor into your New Year's Eve tomorrow, I say go for it and I wish you all the best, most beautiful upcoming year (and weddings!).
Again, any questions or comments re: weddings, anything wedding or Puerto Vallarta related, just post me a line to amishkadesigns@yahoo.com with "two pesos" in the subject heading!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

2 Pesos - Happy Holidays!!

I will be back to my normal programming soon, I promise dear brides! For many of you, someone else is the official "Christmas maker/going home to" in your family but for me and my family here, on this side of the border, I AM that person and it's a lot of work!

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones - for many of you this will be your last Christmas as a "single" person or for some this may be your first Christmas as a married woman! For me, this is my first Christmas as a mom and it is sweet! Feliz Navidad, my dear brides and coordinators and a happy happy new year!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

TwitterPated...Tweet Tweet!

I first stumbled across this a while back and thought it was a great idea - but must admit that I would prefer to take it a little less literal. But, anyways, this is where the inspiration for Love Birds came from - these two great collages. The first from Best Wedding Sites and the second from Tastefully Entertaining.


Let's start with print, a very good place to start ;). I love this first design, even if I'm not terribly enamored with the colors which was found at MindyWagner. Underneath it we have this beautiful 3-D invite (Letterperfect) and next to it a very organic/artistic invite found at Wedding Bee. Underneath that we have a more 1930's place card approach (Wedding Bee), this beautiful red/gold rendition from H2Cards and last but not least this more scrapbook crafty appeal from Shazanne Crafts.

I love love this floral, organic centerpiece which I stumbled across at June Bug Weddings. Underneath it we have this ornate birdcage surrounded by flowers found at Joyful Weddings and Events as well as this fun, playful place setting also found there in the middle up top. Down below a very Autumn/nature feel at Wedding Bee and what Love Bird wedding would be complete without it's share of nests! From top to bottom: Joyful Weddings and Events, Isn't She Lovely and Here Comes the Guide.

I also heart heart this pink lovebird up top from The Handcrafted Wedding. There's just something sweet yet sassy about her! Up top we have these fun bird napkin rings (Kaboodle), down below this fun bird mint tin (Wedding Things) and wooden birds ordaining the ceremony aisle (IStockPhoto). Love bird garter (Etsy - a Pete Rene Design), birdcage down below and very large (almost larger than the flower girl!) flower girl basket (Wedding Bee) .

Ahhhh - ceramic love bird topper (Wedding Resources) followed by a yellow/brown love bird cake (Joyful Weddings and Events). Birds nest with roses (1812 Hitching Post) and my FAV this beautiful cake which was a take on the invites found at Pink Cake Box. I also like this very artistic take with the bright blue and bird accents from Isn't She Lovely.

That's all she wrote folks - I have oodles of ideas for next month's blog but not sure which one I've settled on yet, so it will be a surprise to me too!

2 Pesos - Posadas, etc....

Well, one of you did write me re: a topic and I PROMISE to get to it because it's a good one ... but this time of year my head is full of three things - upcoming weddings, maracas AND CHRISTMAS! I Love Love Love Love (did I say "Love"?!) Christmas. And Vallarta, IMHO, is THE place to be at Christmas time. I already told you about the Virgin de Guadalupe (which we just finished - I went downtown 3 times to eat my fill of tamales and atole - yum yum!!). So, now I wanted to tell you about Posadas!

Technically, the Posada is a Catholic tradition here in Mexico and Latin America. I participated in a traditional one when I lived in Mexico City. So, what the Posada is suppose to be is a representation of the troubles the biblical Mary and Joseph had in finding an inn - children go from house to house asking for lodging and being refused until they get to the house where the party is. There's a bunch of recitation that goes back and forth and, then, finally they let the kids in, they swing at a pinata and everyone eats tamales and "punche" (some sort of fruit punch with a wee bit of "spike" to it). If you want the whole lowdown, this has a great breakdown of the story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Posadas.

In Vallarta, however, Posada, for the most part, stands for "Christmas Party." I know North Americans have somewhat of a tradition of returning to the family for Christmas but here it's taken super seriously. So, in order to celebrate with your friends and co-workers there is the Posada! Starting from Dec 12th onward Vallarta is a crazy, crazy whirlwind of Posadas and Christmas Cocktails. Just this week alone we've been invited to 4!! Anyway, because of that, it's hard to find anybody to do anything - everyone is in a festive, merry spirit and most of the coordinators will tell you that business pretty much comes to a halt until after Jan 2nd.

I thought I would just share with you some of the photos of the street decor I saw while out and about (which I took just for you, btw!) as well as the Santa set-up in our one and only "mall", Liverpool.

If you were here, I would be making you cookies like I will be doing this weekend - here's a photo to show you up what my kitchen will look like this weekend!

I AM working on the regular blog - just so much to do! But I will get it up tonight or tomorrow, I promise!! Again, any questions re: weddings, wedding decor, etiquette, Puerto Vallarta, etc. just send me an email with "2 pesos" in the subject line and I promise to get to it! amishkadesigns@yahoo.com.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

2 Pesos - Place setting Clutter- HELP!

Fun fun! First bride question of 2 Pesos and here it is:

"I like 2 Pesos Tuesday because one of my signature lines is "Only on Tuesdays!" So it works! So here is my question. I was wondering how to make a place setting with all of the pieces not look cluttered. I keep thinking in my head.... plate, flatware, napkin, place card, menu... and then to try to add maracas? I am still wanting to have you guys make custom maracas for me... I just don't know how to make them look good. And I am on a budget. What do you think?????" - bride kate

I can see why you would be confused! So many things, it seems like ... but, when you actually see all the pieces in action, I promise it starts to make sense. I have a variety of different advice so here goes!

When you say "you are on a budget" the first thing I think is "consolidate." In your case, I think there are several ways to do that. Here are some of my suggestions:

1. One of my first thoughts would be to either a) combine your menu and place card together and there would be many ways to do that - by placing the name at the top, for example, or on the side. My other thought would be to b) really personalize your maracas with the names of your guests right on the maraca and have it set at each place setting.

2. If you combine your menu and place card setting you could place the combination inside the napkin on a plate (Quizilla), or on the plate and have the napkin placed in the water or wine glasses OR you could have menus that stand-up and have them set at the head of each plate (2941). Oodles of options!
Napkins in Water Glasses

Inside the Napkin on a Plate

Menu at Top

3. Depending on where you decide to place the menus and/or menu/place card combinations, the maracas could go where the plate would be, at the top of the plate, or hanging on a chair tied with pretty ribbon! I think the maracas are also fun at the ceremony on each chair or passed out during a fun dance number (if you have a group that dances!).

On Ceremony Chairs

Back of Dinner Chairs

4. Keep in mind that usually the plates aren't on the table before dinner, as they are brought out with the food. So, you should have a space on the table for the plates which would be a great place for either the menu or maraca!

Plates not set

Plates Set

Knowing what I do re: your full table set-up, if it were me, in lieu of having your names, date and location painted on the maraca, I would aim for a simple design with the first name of your guest (in case of double names, as in two Sams, with the first initial of their last name). I would set the menu at the head of the plate, the maraca where the plate will go with the guest's name facing-up and the napkin under the fork.
Any questions about wedding design, decor, etiquette or anything re: PV, ask away and Two Pesos Tuesdayish it is (I'm on Mexican time, eh!) - either PM me if you see this at Best Destination Wedding or email me at amishkadesigns@yahoo.com and put "two pesos" in the subject line!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Two Pesos Tuesdayish-Vallarta Favors That Rock

Well, I forgot that yesterday was Tuesday which, uh-hmm, makes today Wednesday but I swear I'll get the hang of writing once a week soon! I did have some bride questions but they came in late so I'll answer one of them next week and be raving about something someone actually asked me for a change, which I do think was the point ;).

Well, here's my list of favors you can find or have made in Vallarta that I think are worth the pesos - I know, if I were a guest at a wedding, I appreciate getting gifts that are either a) useful or b) artistic or, better yet, c) BOTH. After all, your guests are probably flying-in especially for your day, so it's nice to give them a little memento of appreciation and something they can remember your wedding by (besides a sunburn ;)).
1. Maracas - OF course I LOVE this idea. I know I'm a wee bit prejudiced as, to my knowledge, Omar and I are the originators of the original hand-painted maracas here in Vallarta but, really, it's a GREAT idea - maracas are something you think about when you think "mexico" (well, that and TEQUILA ;), they are great to shake at the kiss or during a fun night of dancing and painted to match your wedding decor they are personalized and look great! Score score!!

2. Fans - OKAY OKAY, I know what you're thinking but obviously I didn't pick doing fans and maracas just because I thought they were cool - there was a need people! Sitting around waiting for a beautiful bride to come down the aisle can be HOT work and having a fan decorated with an accent or your colors to fan myself with and cool down a bit AND I get to take it home and use it or display it or give to Fido to chew on it - well, what could be much better?

3. Picture Frames - Not as popular but I think they are a GREAT idea - I mean, how many times have you had some great picture but not a great frame to put it in? There are some great silver frames (which, yes, are pricey) or you could get ones hand-painted/crafted then double them as place card markers!

4. Talavera - Talvera is the colorful pottery you see that usually comes from Puebla, but there are different styles and colors - some which comes from other parts of Mexico a little more inexpensive because of the difference in craftmanship and style - but still beautiful! You could do glasses, tequila shots, boxes, plates, figures - honestly a sweet favor I would think anyone would be pleased to receive.

5. Artwork - Mexico has a plethora of talented people doing all sorts of talented things - one of which is painting. A small picture painted by a Mexican artist and depicting some part of Vallarta (Los Arcos, our famous church, some of our famous statutes on the Malecon) is a memorable, unique and classy favor... and NOT as expensive as you would think it might be.

6. Knick-Knacks - We have a lot of really cool stuff - it's just a matter of knowing where to go to find it and how much you really should pay for it ;). The sky really is the limit - it just really depends on the theme of your wedding!

7. Themed Gifts - Drawstring purses with beads, embroidered hanker chiefs, silver charms, silver cigar boxes, silver plated mirrors, hand-created party masks, games.... the list goes on and on - all use able or displayable and memorable!

Bride question next week deals with place setting issues and the best way to arrange all the stuff that goes on there so tune-in ....

Monday, 1 December 2008

Accents that Go a Long Way...

Here we are my dear brides and coordinators ... I was going to talk about birds and love birds and all things birds, but I got distracted by .... napkin accents!! Who would have thunk?

I think napkins are something that often get over-looked but can make a lot of difference in the look of your tables - just adding a small touch can go a long way. Oodles of options out there, but I tried to find the best eye candy and here they are!!

There were some really beautiful options out there. Starting on the upper left-hand corner we have this unique jeweled design which can also double as a favor (I LOVE things that can double as something else!) found at Jenn Creations. Underneath that we have this sweet black and white beaded napkin ring complete with little sayings (Crafty Chica). I adore this silver beaded napkin accent in the middle found at A Cottage Industry. Lastly, but never leastly!, there are tasseled delights (top: Always Elegant; middle: BBJ Linen) and on bottom beaded accent with blossom at Moments by Morgan.

Still working with the more elegant side of things, we have these wedding ring accent rings in the upper left (My Dream Wedding) and pretty picture heart frame ring at Glass Slipper Productions. In the middle row, we have this vintage brooch as an accent (Angelic Accents) and silver ring with rhinestone (My Dream Wedding). On the bottom row these interesting silver basil accents (yes! BASIL!) at Prints and Potter, silver coral accent which looks pretty but dangerous ;) at Wrapables and silver rings with can double as place cards (SWEET!) rightly found at Gifts.

Well, after all that bling, I think we need a break and turn to nature! In the upper left hand corner we have this bright blue starfish - I love the unique way they have placed this napkin (LeMiga). Next to it we have a white starfish with place card attached and menu tucked into the napkin (The Knot) - detail detail detail!! In the middle we have this unique touch of feather accent (Social Couture) and down below something that looks simple but really makes the look elegant, this peacock feather which would look great tucked into a napkin at Picasaweb.

Something done a little more frequently, but still doesn't make it any less effective, are ribbons and blossoms like this elegant affair upper left (Moments by Morgan) or elegant yet simple arrangement down below (The Knot). Beautiful fuchsia napkin accented by a bright green orchid (Rosa Gonzalez) and sprigs of green and blossom tied with coffee colored ribbon (The Wedding Channel). Upper right hand corner we have bright orange ribbons tied with various ribbon (Hostess Blog), orange napkin tied with simple golden tone ribbon and rose tied with organza ribbon (The Wedding Channel). Nice!

Just when you thought that you couldn't possible adorn a napkin with anything else arrives buttons and things! There are monogrammed buttons (Dream Visions), buttons/letter/paper cut-outs on burlap (Vintage Indie), these lovely shell buttons (Toast and Tables), satin silk frogs (Martha Stewart - who else?!!) AND (oh yes I'm not finished yet!) ... on the bottom row we have these fobbies - I didn't know what a fobbie was - I had to look it up! But a great idea (Fobbie)! Wonderful silver dragonfly - Love the combination of the blue against the wood grain with the silver - super pretty (Tall Grass) and not to be left behind are these wire accents with cool words in scroll (Brides).

Bet you thought we were finished! But, no, we're not! In the upper left hand corner we have these ceramic picture frame napkin accents (kid you not!)(Wedding Favors Now) and down below an edible napkin accent (yum!yum!) - this bread stick heart (Martha Stewart). In the middle we have a monogrammed napkin (Flickr - Initial Impressions) and down below origami (yes I wrote that correctly) accent ring (Craft Side) and FINALLY (yes I did say it!) this grapevine accent found at Plant A Memory.

With Christmas approaching and many projects on my plate, I have no idea what I will be writing about next dear bloggers, so you'll just have to tune-in and find out! And don't forget to write me with your questions for Two Pesos Tuesdays or all you'll get are my ramblings on life in Puerto Vallarta!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Virgen de Guadalupe

Originally uploaded by llldotemos
In the parade, you'll also see a lot of girls dressed-up as the Virgin, riding in the back of pick-up trucks ... our version of a "float", I guess!!

Puerto Vallarta Parade

Puerto Vallarta Parade
Originally uploaded by zipweimar
This is part of the parade for the Virgin de Guadalupe - it's a festival which runs from Dec 1st-Dec 12th - the faithful come from miles and miles around - many of them walking or crawling - to come and thank or ask the Virgin de Guadalupe for blessings. Every night for those two weeks the streets downtown are closed to motor traffic and we have these parades - dancing, music, drumming, singing and, of course, the faithful. I love watching the parade!!

Part of a Nativity Scene Puerto Vallarta

As most of you know, we have sand sculptures that change weekly down on the Malecon - here's an example of what they did Christmas of '07!! I can't wait to see what happens this Christmas!!

Christmas snow globe in Puerto Vallarta

While we don't really have a "lane" to go to where everyone dons tons of christmas lights, we do have a few highlights here and there, like this one!!

Two Pesos Tuesday...

I'm trying something new so, if this is all messy, forgive me!

I wanted to tell you why I LOVE this time of year ... we're headed into fun fun fun time here in Vallarta and that means CHRISTMAS which starts for us Dec 1st and keeps on trucking until Jan 5/6.

Here's some of what downtown looks like around christmas time...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Two Pesos Tuesday...

Well, I'm late but still on Tuesday and it wasn't all my fault, my dear brides! I had to tackle with immigration today which is, as always, a huge headache. Anyway, I did receive a few interesting questions, but I need more time to really answer them properly, so I'm afraid you're going to be faced with more MD rantings ;).

Todays topic is on ... water bottles! Bet you didn't see that coming! Something I've seen at too many weddings to count is wasted water and wasted water bottles and I think, even if you are not doing a Green Wedding, it's nice to remind guests (and, if you are a guest, to keep in mind!) to be mindful of waste. Usually it happens towards the end of the night, when guests are thirsty (and perhaps a little under the influence) and start asking for water, taking a sip, leaving their bottle someplace and never returning for it. Because it's been opened, the waiters have to throw it - with one guest, maybe not cause for alarm ... but it's not just one guest and, unfortunately, not just one water bottle.

So, I'm sure you're thinking, "what to do?" Well, I've had a few ideas on this - not that anyone's ever asked me before so I have yet to see any of these ideas integrated, mind you!

1. Have black markers available and have guests put their name on their water bottle. That way they can find it again or it can be left for them to pick up at the end of the night - like a favor ;).

2. Give away pretty cups as favors, with guest's name either painted or attached to the cup that can then be used as their water glass through-out the night.

3. Have ice and water in a water jug available for guests to pour into regular glasses. That way, they fill-up when they want something to drink and the glasses get washed at the end of the night - no waste!

Remember ... to keep me from ranting, you have to write-in! Put "Two Pesos Tuesday" in the subject line and write to: amishkadesigns@yahoo.com.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Oranges, Reds, Golds, Fuschias...Where was I??

I'm sorry I'm late dear brides and coordinators! Time just flew away from me this last week as I was delving into research for various events and favors. And, then, somehow I forgot whether I was looking up oranges, fuchsias, reds, golds... so, I just put them all together - I love bold colors - so fiery and passionate and perfect for a sunset reception in our bay!

Again, just a few of the photos I really loved from this color combination. The invite and those pillows are absolutely Divine!

I've decided I'm going to do a whole series just on dresses ... I love them so and, while most brides have already purchased their dresses before I ever get their design, that doesn't mean that I don't absolutely love what I see when I finally do get to see what they've chosen! Anyway.... to start we have this absolutely luscious bouquet with lilies and roses and berries - love it (McClintock Photography)! Next to it this fiery sexy orange bridesmaid dress (Elegant Mart). Underneath another beautiful bouquet from The Knot and beautiful orange bouquet (that wrap is sweet!) from Project Wedding. In the upper right we have a wispy fuchsia/pink toned bridesmaid dress and orange ties (Blog Dig) and I see this red wedding dress all the time and absolutely love it for its dramatic, ornate look - at the right wedding - HERE comes THE Bride!! (Bridal Wave Tv)

Well, not sure how I ended-up with the beginning and the end of the wedding put together, but here you go! I have always loved this orange cake and have every intention of doing something similar for the right bride and next to it another super fun Gerber-like cake (the knot). Underneath I love both of these - on the right we have this amazing peacock affair program (the knot), and on the left orange tiger lilies (my personal artist). Underneath - great tags from Project Wedding, colorful invite from Alannah Rose, and I like this last invite for the use of texture (Created by Fate).

Well, I guess this should be centerpieces and tablescapes, but anywho... On the top we have this wildly colorful and oh so fun tablescape from Celebration Cayman Blogspot. Upper right we have a bright beachy centerpiece (Project Wedding), I LOVE the centerpiece underneath from The Knot, underneath we have a more subdued approach with orchids from Wedding Tactics. Next to it a very elegant and chic tablescape from Wendy's Bridal Affairs. On the bottom row, we have these escort cards which are so clean and unique (and could also make a very good centerpiece)(BlogDig), vase covered with fabric and surrounded by gerbers (Prima Donna Bride), and colorful airy tablescape (BlogDig).

Or, in other words, other things I loved but didn't know where to put!! Row 1 - Hand-made paper flowers (well, those are ours - but so cool!), fabulous pillows (Bees N Tulips). Row 2 - love this draping fabric with alternative lighting (The Knot) and draping fabric and hanging flowers (The Knot). Row 3 - adore these Chinese lanterns (Snippet and Ink) - by now you might think I'm a Chinese lantern fanatic, but I promise this is not the case - I just love romantic and alternative lighting - anything to make an event more festive and to really help and set a "mood"! Again, this drapey (is so a word if I say so!) affect - it looks similar to what I found on The Knot, but this photo was found at Snippet and Ink. And last I couldn't tell if this was printed paper or napkins, but I loved it either way (Snippet and Ink)!

I think I'm going to tackle Love Birds next blog as it caught my eye during the red/blue blog. Or maybe not ... maybe I'll just surprise you so you'll have to peek to see what's here!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Two Pesos Tuesday...

Well, welcome to the first issue ever of Two Pesos Tuesday where IM-a-HO (In My Humble Opinion) lay it on the line - or something like that. So, this idea came from chatting with a bride, but you can be joe the groom or jill the coordinator - doesn't matter - just bring me your questions on design, locations, etiquette, pictures - whatever and I will do my best to answer as honestly, and fairly, as possible every Tuesday.

Since this is the first one and I haven't had any takers yet, and since I've seen oodles of weddings here, I thought I would write down how I would structure an evening if it were my wedding here in Vallarta and I didn't have to worry about moo-la. I'm going to use photos of my own wedding to illustrate points - but this isn't necessarily how my wedding was done - just how I would do it NOW. ;)

*Wedding ceremony 45 minutes before sunset - so groom and I could have good pictures... like this one taken by my friend Shane - although not at my wedding - during my honeymoon here in PV!

*I would have harpist playing during the ceremony because, seriously, how cool is that and how often do you see a harpist playing something on a beach - just for you?

this picture has absolutely nothing to do with PV
(but we DO have harpists!)

*Then I would have mariachis playing as we exited the ceremony. And I would have the mariachis walk with the guests to the cocktail while groom and I go off and take super great photos.

*As we enter the cocktail we would be announced as Mr. and Mrs. whatever, etc etc. and we would do a "first" dance of sorts. I've seen this done twice and it's always really romantic. Ahhhhh.

*Before dinner starts, I would have my Dad give a toast. And, then, through-out dinner other key people who wished to toast, would toast. And NO MORE TOASTS. I've seen too many weddings ruined by people toasting the wedding to an early grave. (disclaimer: this wasn't a toast given at a wedding, but it COULD have been)

*After dinner, we would cut the cake and off would go fireworks - fireworks, for what you get, are inexpensive (especially when you think of what it would cost you in the States for a firework show - IF you could get the permits to have one!). And everyone would eat cake. YUM.

*As guests are eating cake, the groom and I would do our first dance of OUR song. Then I would do my first dance with my Dad (not really - this is my imaginary wedding - IRL my Dad doesn't dance EVER - but, hey, this is my imaginary wedding, and it's MY blog so phbbt) which would lead into the groom's dance with his mom.
*Then the next song would be something fun so everyone would get up and dance.

*Party Party!! Might do the garter/bouquet toss somewhere in there. Or we did this other crazy game which required getting up on chairs and nearly being knocked down by our guests, but that's a whole other blog!

*Then I would have a) a taco stand to eat something nummy and b) fire dancers to close off the evening. Fire dancers are awesome!!

So, if you don't want another boring diatribe of me just yakking about whatever, send me your design or wedding-related (or non-wedding related - whatever!) questions, photos, etc etc to: amishkadesigns@yahoo.com.
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