Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tropical Flowers and Palm Trees...

A big shout-out goes to Allie (married May 22nd at the Riu) and Yanell (married May 23rd in Careyes)!! Although these two brides didn't know each other, both had chocolate brown and a tropical theme in their weddings!

Allie first came to us just wanting something super simple and asked to choose a design we had already created. But, once we saw her invites, we knew we could do better than that!

Allie's Invite
Utilizing the colors in the invite and inspired by the flower, this is what Omar came-up with!

Yanell had a palm tree motif in mind which I knew we could do easily. What came as a surprise was the color - she wanted the main color sage. I thought that would be super simple, especially since she sent me (via computer) a color sample. But, when I printed the sample, what printed out and was on the screen did not match AT ALL! Because the order was so soon to the date, I didn't have a lot of time to go back and forth. So, we had to make our best guess as to "sage" .... I was nail biting up until we received a wonderful email from our bride informing us that they loved the maracas and everything was hunky dory! :)
Yanell's Sample
And the winning color and palm trees!

Next week we'll have photos of the wedding we have been working sooo hard on for months and months! We've come-up with some fab ideas and I can't wait to put them all together for our bride!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses that REALLY can be worn again!

Still planning big design board surprise but have wedding first so here are more dresses! :)

I've been to a lot of weddings down here and probably can count on my hand the number of bridesmaid dresses I really do think will be worn again (and that work well in the heat and humidity!). When I look for dresses like these I ask the question "could I wear flip-flops with this?" .... if the answer is "yes", it's a keeper! (Keep in mind I didn't say WHAT KIND of flip flops ;)).

So, here are some dresses (and some places) I think would work well down here and most of these won't break most banks!

More Formal
I thought I would start with this category, since I found less I liked here - NOT that I think you shouldn't go formal, if you want - just that I think finding a good formal dress that is also a good beach dress is not as easy as it sounds!

First up, love these bridesmaid combos I found over at PerfectBound. Light, airy, formal, distinct - just really great.

Runner-up is this taupe dress I found at Anthropologie. Similar, of course, to the dresses up above ;).

Worth a mention - Still short, but completely different style is this flapper-inspired dress at New York and Company. Again, I'm thinking "light, airy"...

A Bit More Casual

So, going a bit more casual, love this brown dress from Anthropologie. It has sortof an ethnic vibe to it and I can see bridesmaids all standing in line with bouquets of white flowers breathlessly waiting to hear you say "We do!" ;).

Second Runner-up in this category is this sleeveless patterned dress, also from Anthropologie. I definitely think you have to be careful with patterns, but I think this one isn't a bad pattern - would be nice to have 1 or 2 bridesmaid's in this dress with the other bridesmaid's in complimenting colors/styles.

Beachy Yet Elegant

Of course, you know I saved my heart hearts for last!

Second runner up - Comes in more than one color, just a very simple, flowy strapless from Victoria's Secret.

First Runner-Up - Again, patterned dresses - I found these two in completely two different places and realized later their patterns were similar! Guess I know what I like! ;) I love the long, flowy nature of these dresses - can see them as great dresses for walking the beach at sunset. First dress from New York and Company, second dress from Forever21.

Second Place - I know it sortof has a 70's thing going on, but I just like the look of this fabric - if it feels the way it looks, I bet this is one fun dress to party in! (Victoria's Secret)

Before showing you my number one pick for bridesmaid dresses, I thought I would show you a bride dress/bridesmaid dress combo that I think would be awesome for a bride who wants to go more natural, carefree. I found these dresses at JCrew and would LOVE to see one of you decide to go for some yellow. Yellow rocks!

And now, drum roll please, the number one bridesmaid dress comes from....Victoria's Secret! Not only does this dress come in multiple colors, but you can wear the SAME dress in multiple styles - so, same color for your bridesmaids (if you want) but they can do it in a style that most flatters them! winwin!!

I have NO IDEA what I'm blabbing about next week so I won't even pretend to try - but I'm sure it will wedding related ;).

Monday, 11 May 2009

Amazing Vintage Wedding Dress (2 Pesos)!

I know I promised another design board but when I started putting it together I realized that I wanted us to really do something to inspire - so it's going to take a little bit longer :). In the meantime, I stumbled upon this AMAZING dress and just had to share!

Here are a few more photos of Jana Starr's amazing vintage wedding gowns. I wanted to also provide pictures of a bride in these gowns, but my searches were in vain :(.

So, next week, colors of watermelon, spring green and sky blue will be unveiled!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It's Getting a Little Hairy In Here!

Well, I know I don't typically ever get to help anyone with their style, but I do love hair styles - some of these I've actually had done myself for parties (meaning I had someone do it TO my hair, not ME actually doing it with my own two hands!).
There's something to be said for a simple, sophisticated do. I really love the soft braid/waves in this first picture and this retro look I think would be super chic with a feather and a little jeweled clip. Underneath we have these great semi-bee hives, although of the three, I think I like Sarah Jessica Parkers the best.

Still going with the "less is more" theme, we have this really amazing braided do up top. I really love this middle do with braid underneath the bun - I think the combination is really striking. And, lastly, a combination of braid and wavy curls, worn by Heidi Klum.

Alright, now we're getting to the good stuff! After scouring the web, I realized I'm an adornment kind of girl, so you'll have to excuse me if so many of these photos have THINGS in the hair! We'll start by Going Greek! I had this done for a party (by Elle Salon here in Vallarta) and it turned out fabulous with gold ribbon I brought from the States - I can easily see this done for a bride, with the right ribbon/jewels. Top left, we have silver string with pretty jewels, in the middle we have my favorite Grecian hair example - when you look close you can see a combination of pretty ribbons, and I love the Grecian look with curls at the end of this row. Underneath, pretty silver ribbons, and double black headband with teased look.

Moving onto flowers in the hair - something quite popular down here by the ocean! I like the simplicity of these miniature roses in the first picture, I think this sculptural hair do is interesting (although not sure how practical it would be for a wedding), I heart heart this floral creation but am a little concerned as to how it would hold-up down here in the humidity! On the bottom row, I think this very simple, wavy hair style is a very classic by the ocean do and love the feel of it. I think the middle floral french braid is very different and could be very striking (those are not real flowers). And I think this last photo is very smooth and classic.

I had to do a section on tiaras. I had a tiara, although it certainly wasn't what I had planned on or thought I would do but, then, ended-up falling-in love with one and just had to have it! I think this first photo is very romantic and whimsical and the next photo has a real nice, soft look to it as well. On bottom, I think this is a great look for a short-hair bride. And last, I know this isn't probably a tiara, but a clip, but it COULD be a tiara and, anyway, I think this is also a great look for a short hair bride.

Of course, I saved my favorite section for last. These are actually what inspired me to do a blog on this in the first place - clips! Oh how I adore thee! I heart heart this first hair style - I'm not sure what it is I love about it the most - I like the combination of curls and braid and pretty clips - I think this would look great with a veil down below. I think this middle hair style with clips is also great, but I don't think a veil would look good for it - those clips would definitely replace a veil. And the last picture in this row is also great - brings back a 1940's, 1950's vibe - super fun! I would have loved to see how this hair style (silver bun) looked like from the front, but couldn't find a picture. This next picture is also a really great bun with a few little pearl pins. Great side ponytail with clips, although I don't think it would be for me - I would be too worried about getting hot; also LOVE these clips on the red hair do and love the hair do - although, again, I'm not sure how well that would hold-up as the night goes on; and lastly, I love this hairdo and big floral sparkly clip - something I think would look well with a veil or not.

Next week I'm going to do a design board on a really odd color combination (olive, pink and blue!), but I think it's going to look amazing!
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