Tuesday, 18 August 2009

If the Shoe Fits...

Hello my dear brides!! Before the new season in Vallarta gets underway I wanted to share with you some fun finds I found when looking for other things - you would be amazed at what shows up in a search engine when you are not looking for something! ;)

Cream, White, Beige, Silver, ETC.

Top Row: We have these India inspired silver dangly heels - look great, not so sure about comfort though (My High Heels); I love these retro Betty Boop type shoes (Brides Best Mate); these probably should have gone under the shoes with pop and color, but I felt they were more conservative in nature (although very classical) (Simply Chic Events).

Middle row we have these very simple, yet again classical peep toed heel (Simply Chic Events); Love this peep toed heel with the flower at the toe (Brides Best Mate); and ending the row with these great vintage shoes (Elegant Steps).

Bottom row, I do believe this was a DIY shoe which the bride crystallized herself, but could be wrong and, if I am wrong, there's an idea for you (Pricescope); I think these lace heels could look awesome under a simple satin sheath type dress to give the whole look a bit of texture (This Next); and, at the end of this row, up top we have these butterfly flats (Perfect Bound); I'm not a big fan of flats but I do find these really pretty with the pearls and black bow (Wedding Central).

Pop, Color, Pizazz, ETC.

Top row we have these amazing black and white heels, probably not under a big, full dress but would look great in a shorter dress (Perfect Bound); a great red, silver heel - I just HEART HEART the idea of red under a wedding dress (Wedding Paper Divas); I HEART HEART these shoes - they are just seriously fabulous ... well, except for the heel part which could very well be uncomfortable! (Bridal Wave).

Second row we have these retro/mod blue and silver flats (Blue Swallow at flickr); these light blue heel with crystal accent at the ankle (Jeepnaysaparis); great runchy at the green heel with flower at toe (Simply Chic Events).

Bottom row up top we have bright fuchsia heels (The Knot); these fab pink retro heels with flower at toe (Pretty Small Shoes); underneath we have some pink chucks - I'm generally not a fan (or even close to fan) of tennis shoes worn under a dress but I relented after seeing these photos (Queta Knits); very blue shoes with Renaissance looking buckle (Wedding Paper Divas); up top I heart heart these blue ruffley shoes - I mean, if you're going to do a colored shoe, so fun to do something that says "look at me!" (Prima Donna Bride); and lastly green shoe with interesting flower at toe (Wedding Paper Divas).

Sandals and Barefoot

Last, but never least, if anything the most important for the beach, are sandals and barefoot!

Up top we have these beautiful silver flip-flops (Bridal Wave); I heart heart these turquoise blue sandals (Coastal Living); very interesting starfish at the toe sandals (Beach Wedding Ideas); very colorful sequined or crystal (or combination of both) sandals (Too Too); for those of you who have followed my blogs before you know that I heart heart heart these barefoot "sandals" - I've seen them at weddings before and they are just beautiful - first up beautiful blue with mother of pearl accent (Beach Theme Wedding Shop); next, a beautiful mother of pearl barefoot sandal (Sandals and FlipFlops) and lastly I thought this was a very interesting idea of a henna tattoo "sandal" (Emily Whetstone at Flickr).

So, I hope there were enough shoe inspirations to whet your appetite for a great adornment - if you are having a ceremony on the beach I would highly recommend a flip-flop or sandal (or barefoot - my favorite!) and then have a pair of heels for later on (especially if dancing is involved)!

Next week we tackle the color purple!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I'm Seeing Spots....

No, my dear brides, you are not seeing spots - you are seeing Polka Dots! Now before you roll your lovely eyes and really have thought I've lost all my marbles (those are round too ... sortof like spots ... sortof like polka dots!), let me show you why I want you to find your inner pattern! :) Instead of doing a design board, I fell-in love with this collage just the way it was created and had to share! (Bliss Event Group) What's so awesome about this board is the mix of patterns - and elements...

I was going to save the design until last but realized that I had to prove to you why I think polka dots, combined with patterns, could be awesome!

FIRST ROW: Awesome polka-dotted feathery hair piece (Fine Stationery); I heart heart this pattern with round blue fringe, white and blue flowers and little polka dot up top - absolutely perfect example of combining literal and figurative polka dots but in a very unique and awesome way! (Nichole Heady); and you would think this last image would go under bridesmaids and such but I just loved the whole concept of the photo - very retro and edgy and COOL! (Chronically Vintage).

SECOND ROW: White wall with black polka dots and black furniture and accents (Fabulous Finishes); and I'm not sure if this is fabric, but if it is, I could see this as a great wrap for bridesmaids (for the right bride ;)) (Lifestyle at MSN).

THIRD ROW: Combination of floral balls and Chinese lanterns (Design OutLoud); I heart heart these shoes - black with white polka dots (Amy Carroll Photo); and round paper floral pom poms (Fabulous Finishes).

SQUISHED IN-BETWEEN: Green mum flower basket and ring pillow (
Wedding Bee); and candy favors (Wedsmack).

BOTTOM ROW: Up top we have fuchsia and green polka dotted ring pillow (
Bliss Tree); down below we have a ceremony aisle lined with floral balls (Blog Dig); I heart heart this red rose image - I think you could do something really romantic with this image as a base (Pop Wheel); and this hanging white sequin image is awesome - think dividing curtain for the cocktail or dance area - could be really cool! (Stylist Events).

So, let's start off with the very first thing you send out - your invites! :) Funky polka dots in fuchsia (A La Mode Bride and Orehlrig at Flickr respectively). The last in the top row I heart heart - I know it doesn't appear, at first glance, to be polka-dotty (is so a word if I say so!) but, if you look closer, you will notice the round shape of the flower ... ah-ha! yes, is sooo polka-dotty! You see - sometimes we're going for the concept, and not necessarily all-out polka dots (although, if done right, all-out polka dots could be super cool!) (anyway, found at: Elizabeth Anne Designs). Underneath we have a series of green with black and white polka dots (Jamie Konet at Etsy), this fab green with white polka dots and accent in red (Polka Dot Bride), and lastly this bit more whimsical pink and green menu (Bliss Tree).

Sortof squished in-between we have a black and white polka dot affair with matching stuffs with ribbon and floral accent (Meg Moynahan), green envelope with black and white polka dots (Fine Stationery) and various colored polka dot escort cards (Stella Event Design).

Bottom row we have this great white invite with blue and white polka dot ribbon accent (Gorgeous Cards), also fab eggshell blue with white polka and black with white polka accent (Photo Card Chef) and lastly this more modern take with white and blue polka dots again from Jamie Konet of Etsy.

Just a few dresses that I had to share! Top row is my heart heart bride's dress at Off Beat Bride (and, if you are an off-beat bride you MUST visit this site - it's fabulous!). I mean, how much fun does that dress look?! In the middle we have a white polka dot (similar to the first dress but more demure) flocked with bridesmaids - the only thing I'm not crazy about is the lace on the bridesmaid's dresses, but that's just me! (Stella Event Design) Underneath we have a great mix of patterns and greens - if you just added a touch of polka dot here and there, would look awesome! (My Bride's Story) Next up we have this great bridesmaid's dress in fuchsia and polkas (DC Nearly Weds) Underneath, another heart heart but this time a bridesmaid dress (or a very daring bride!) - I know you may think I'm crazy, but I just love it! (Discount Dress Shop) Next we have a little saucy bridesmaid dress (Quincera Dresses) and, lastly, this black and white polka dot affair found at Home School Blogger (I CANNOT make this stuff up!)

Still not sold? That's okay - let me pull out the big funs! ;) First up, heart heart heart (did I say heart!) this beautiful white bouquet (Fine StHYPERLINK "http://blog.finestationery.com/"ationery). Next is this great bout with polka accent(Bubbly Bride). Underneath we have two fuchsia bouquets with polka accents (Polka Dot Bride and Bubbly Bride respectively) and, lastly, also hearting these fabulous polka feather accent bouts (Fine Stationery).

Okay, now to the nitty-gritty and do I ever have it chock-full!

TOP ROW: First we have this really great white with black polka dots - those could be reflective mirrors - very modern and different (
Primma Donna Bride); next, at first glance this may not seem like a polka dot set-up but it so is! Round chinese lanterns combined with round sequins on a floral centerpiece and white coasters with, you guessed it, polka dots! (These Make Me Happy at Flickr); and lastly this combination of polka dots and stripes (Country Living).

SECOND ROW: This is a great piece with round flowers and black and white polka dots (
The Knot); my absolute favorite (hearts everywhere!) with the combination of black and white patterns (Kate and Ryan Wedding); and, lastly, sortof hard to see but big martini glasses filled with round pink and white marbles (Get Married).

THIRD ROW: This has to be one of the most interesting wedding color combinations I've seen in a while - if someone just told me about it I would probably think "eww" - but, when you see this picture, it totally makes sense - black with chocolate brown, and a cream yellow with pink and brown polka dots (
Brides); this is a great use of materials and texture with the polka dot white fabric combined with green and blue vases and blue flowers (Foto Bank); and, again, a combination of green with white polka dots (literal) and round yellow flower (figurative) (Team Sugar).

SQUISHED IN-BETWEEN: Again, awesome little round place-card gumball tree (
Bliss Tree); chocolate brown with pink polka dots (Brides).

BOTTOM ROW: White with black and white polka dot ribbon accent (also love the combination of the elegant table number!) (
Fine Stationery); round pom pom paper accents (Nichole Heady); floating round gerber in vase with what looks like fuchsia rocks (Get Married); and this amazing amazing creative centerpiece with spools of thread (Simply Divine Events).


Topping it off with yummy cake we have:

FIRST ROW: Eggshell blue with white polka dots (very Breakfast at Tiffany's, don't you think?) (
Zimbio); white with light pink polka dots (Stella Event); and this very creative/retro chocolate brown/peach/lime green cake (Snarky Chef).

SECOND ROW: Light pink with chocolate brown, pink and white polka dots (
Tasty Layers); I'm not sure what color this cake is, but I'm going to go with peach with polka dots (Toast and Tables); white with fuschia polka dots and black and white polka dot ribbon accent (The Twisted Sifter).

THIRD ROW: Light pink cake with polka dots and ribbon accent (
Wedding Bee); chocolate brown with pink flowers (Brides); and white with green ribbon and white polka dot accent (My Artisan Cake Company).

SQUISHED IN-BETWEEN: White with black polka dots (
Fine Stationery); and I know this cake is hard to see but it's black with white round flowers! very interesting! (Snarky Chef).

BOTTOM ROW: Up top we have pink cake with different shades of pink polka dots (
Toast and Tables); below we have an eggshell blue with white and blue polka dots (Sweet Retreat); this very whimsical pink and green polka dot and various patterned cake (Bliss Tree); this even more whimsical green Just Married cake (Kawinan); and I saved my heart heart for last - chocolate brown and pink polka dot and patterned cake (Wedsmack).

Next week it's all about shoes!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Corals and Monograms

A big shout goes out to Shannon who was married last Friday in Cabos!
Shannon sent us examples of her invite and monogram, which was done by Sarah over at Sprouille Designs. Absolutely beautiful!

So, we thought it would be great to mimic the coral looking tree in the background of the monogram onto her maracas! Shannon sent me some color samples of the colors she wanted - a bright yellow and a light blue ... and these were the results!

Next week I will reveal another design board (or this week if I can put all the pictures together) .... to give you a little hint think circles.....
Designed by Visión Mandarina