Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Project Wedding Gems...

I don't even really know how to title this blog as it's a collection of things I found over at Project Wedding when I was looking for ideas. In order from pebbles to ROCK ON!, we have:

Escort Board
I don't use this idea often, but I do like it - a simpler, yet creative way to let everyone know where they will be seated. I don't think it fits every design, but, if it does fit the design, it's a great way to save a little money in a creative way!

I absolutely adore this DIY stamped handkerchief - completely fit the wedding, creative, yet simple - definitely worth a mention.

What can I say? I'm a lover of signs - and this sign was no exception. If you are having guests walk to the beach from the villa, I think signs are a great way to point the way as well as add a creative decorative element into something so every-day.

Ring-bearer Pillow
This pillow just rocks. I mean, just look at it!
Who doesn't love cupcakes? And these little signs are a really pretty DIY way to put your touch onto it - plus, don't they just look yummy? :)
Photo Ideas
As most of you know by now I am a lover of all things photo - I go "ga-ga" over creative, inspired photographers and "go-for-it" brides and grooms!

Photo #1
This photo just reminds me of that old cartoon "wonder twin powers activate" - haha. I LOVE this ring photo...

Photo #2
Fun with sparklers - and they did a great job!

Photo #3
This just cracked me up when I ran across it - I would have loved to get this STD in the mail. Really an incredible way to put your personality forward and be informative all at the same time ;).
Rock On!
I absolutely ADORE and Slobber over this design - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ... did I mention I HEART HEART it as well?

Really have no idea what's next ... kindof winging-it this summer ... if you have a color combo you would like to see, let me know and away I will go ;).....otherwise you get what you get - ha!


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