Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Beach Weddings Every Which Way!!

I think we saw two days so far this month with some sun - but I'm sure you all were as okay with that as I was, because at least it kept the first part of this month a little cooler!

This mid-month I want to show you some ideas I found for beach weddings, especially since we are on the beach! I have a doubt that we will ever get by an entire year without someone wishing to focus on our lovely beaches! :)

I love these colorful bouquets - the first of which I found at Beach Weddings by the Knot and the second at the Hawaii Wedding Blogspot. Of course, we can't copy these bouquets exactly, as there are a few flowers not available to us here, but we can get the general look and feel. I love the simplicity and tranquil feel of this pink and green bouquet found at Project Wedding as well as this bout found at Beach Weddings by the Knot. Of course, I try to save the best for last, and I think this bouquet wrap is FABULOUS with the mixture of burlap and crystals, found at Style Me Pretty.

Finding a well-done beach ceremony is a little tricky, but I did find 3 that I found worthy of note. This first design huppah design was found at Project Wedding and I love the use of fabric with the shells - very beach shabby chic! I also thought this heavy seashell laden ceremony set-up was original and could be perfect for the right couple, found at Brides Buzzing and designed by Colin Cowie. Last, but not least, is this seashell ceremony aisle from The Knot.

These pretty, yet simple floating candles I found at PhotoLulu. I'm not sure where I found this photo, as I've had it for a while, but I really love the idea of mosquito repellent and sunblock laid-out in a nice way, available for guests to use when they need. I believe I found the cute star fruit at The Knot. This pretty hanging candles were found at Beach Weddings by the Knot and are something we could easily do here, although perhaps not with those exact votives. I love wine glass charms, and this one was found at Hot Ref as were these pretty sailboat favor candles - they were also really cheap!! Last, but definitely not least, was this really nice favor bag found at My Wedding Favors, which could also double as a place card setting!

Three new place card ideas ... the first is a way of displaying them, which we've seen before, but I like the simple, plain type on these cards which belays the rather casual way of displaying them - these were found at Trista Lerit. I love the calligraphy on these rocks and think they would work great as either place cards or escort cards, found at BPJ Designs. And lastly, I adore these wave escort cards found at Beach Weddings by the Knot.

First, we have this candle with seashells which I think is understated but elegant found at My Dream Wedding, followed by a colorful display of orange roses with beach twigs at Beach Weddings by the Knot. Still colorful, but with a much more casual air, is this centerpiece and place set-up by Social Couture. Back to the elegant side of things we have these submerged orchids and tulips at Project Wedding as well as this really fab coconut shell filled with floating orchids. I love using coconut shells, or scooping out a pineapple and utilizing the pineapple or a watermelon, etc. - I think we have a variety of different textures available in Vallarta which would make a more organic beach side wedding truly unique and fabulous!

These simple, yet elegant beach wedding cakes at Budget Dream Weddings and at Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas. I love this cupcake display found at Wedding Ideas and Details.

Well, that's all for this mid-month update. Next month I will focus on bouquet and centerpiece ideas, so check back!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

In With the Old and a Slight Twist of New!

I hope you all are surviving the beginning of summer by keeping cool and drinking your gatorade! To start-off this month I wanted to talk about a trend that all the bridal magazines are talking about - as well as I'm hearing it from several brides - and that is VINTAGE!

If you have a Vintage client, the first thing to do is to determine WHAT time period they are talking about - Vintage can mean different things to different people. It could be Vintage 30's, Vintage WWII Generation ('40's), Vintage 20's ... perhaps they mean Vintage Swing ('50's). Once you have the time period nailed down, then research becomes a lot easier!

In this particular blog I'm going to tackle the Vintage 30's with a touch of glam which means opulence, feathers, crystals, sparkle (but in a glam way, not in a Vegas way!), lush flowers like roses, peonies, hydrangeas, etc.

Well, as we all know, most of our brides and grooms choose their invites, many times before they even meet us. But I couldn't resist introducing these great invite ideas, which could also be utilized as accents in escort cards, place cards and table markers. I absolutely love this accent which was found at Imagine Wedding in the UK. And these classic, yet beautiful lines done by Ceci New York and Scriptura are absolutely delightful! I especially love the texture and beauty of this pink invite, also done by Ceci New York.

I think there are several different ways you can go with a ceremony, depending on your bride and groom. One way is to go crystals - crystal everything - crystal ceremony aisle, crystal accents on programs, falling off of ceremony chairs, etc. The problem with crystals (at least here in Vallarta) is they are very very $$$ (as you all know!). So, unless you have a client dripping with money, it will be out of the majority of our clients' price range.
The other option would be to go with feathers. Feather everything. I think this look could be beautiful, if done right (and not look like a chicken coup!!). But, while more cost effective than crystals, feathers here in Vallarta are still $$. I hate to spend a lot of money on a ceremony when the ceremony doesn't become something else (i.e. say the dance floor later on, or a lounge).

Third option, which is the one I'm going to show you, would be to flower it up!! Big luscious roses, peonies, and other really open, old-world flowers are the most inexpensive choice and look amazing. I love this ceremony huppah I found at Love and Splendor. I also love this combination of roses and crystals found at The Spiraled Stem.

So many beautiful bouquets, it was hard to choose. But I fell in love especially with these feathery creations by Michelle Rago and found at Toast and Tables. The contrast of the dark feathers with the white flowers, I think is really dramatic! For something a little simpler, but still in the Vintage theme, I also think this white/cream bouquet found at Snippet and Ink fits the style with understated elegance.

Oodles and oodles of ideas! But some of the most interesting ones I found was this urn filled with flowers at Touch of Class. While I know it's not something we could easily purchase here, it is something that we can make - not exactly but in a similar style!! Also of note, this chandelier style found at Wedding Announcer and these hanging crystal votives found at Half Value. But what really is over the top, Vintage glam has to be this amazing feather centerpiece found at Dove Wedding Photography. My absolute favorite, however, I found here at Love and Splendor and have every intention of capturing at least the idea of this centerpiece.

So many special touches!! Place card stands from Snippet and Ink as well as beaded purse accent. These beautiful votive ideas by Eco Art Weddings are wrapped in a pretty fabric and accented with left-over costume jewelry and they utilized a similar technique with these pretty napkin rings! I love this crystal butterfly place card stand found at The Knot as well as these pretty ringing silver bells. And last, but not least, is this wine glass accent found at Brilliant Wedding Jewelry.

I thought I might have a hard time finding a cake, but no, they were everywhere! The beautiful peach cake with crystal bow accents was found at Cake That. Next to it is the exquisite, white, silver-beaded veiled affair found at The House of Clarendon. Underneath we have the jeweled top affair found at Snippet and Ink and next to it is the elegant, yet simple concoction found at Wedding Vendor Guide. At the bottom, from left to right, we have Signes Bakery, a knot pick found at The Knot and my personal favorite, of course at Lovin Sullivan Cakes!

I trust there were enough pictures in this blog to keep you busy for a while! I'm not sure what I have up my sleeve exactly mid-month, but I do believe it will touch on place cards/escort cards and table markers!
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