Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Virgen de Guadalupe

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In the parade, you'll also see a lot of girls dressed-up as the Virgin, riding in the back of pick-up trucks ... our version of a "float", I guess!!

Puerto Vallarta Parade

Puerto Vallarta Parade
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This is part of the parade for the Virgin de Guadalupe - it's a festival which runs from Dec 1st-Dec 12th - the faithful come from miles and miles around - many of them walking or crawling - to come and thank or ask the Virgin de Guadalupe for blessings. Every night for those two weeks the streets downtown are closed to motor traffic and we have these parades - dancing, music, drumming, singing and, of course, the faithful. I love watching the parade!!

Part of a Nativity Scene Puerto Vallarta

As most of you know, we have sand sculptures that change weekly down on the Malecon - here's an example of what they did Christmas of '07!! I can't wait to see what happens this Christmas!!

Christmas snow globe in Puerto Vallarta

While we don't really have a "lane" to go to where everyone dons tons of christmas lights, we do have a few highlights here and there, like this one!!

Two Pesos Tuesday...

I'm trying something new so, if this is all messy, forgive me!

I wanted to tell you why I LOVE this time of year ... we're headed into fun fun fun time here in Vallarta and that means CHRISTMAS which starts for us Dec 1st and keeps on trucking until Jan 5/6.

Here's some of what downtown looks like around christmas time...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Two Pesos Tuesday...

Well, I'm late but still on Tuesday and it wasn't all my fault, my dear brides! I had to tackle with immigration today which is, as always, a huge headache. Anyway, I did receive a few interesting questions, but I need more time to really answer them properly, so I'm afraid you're going to be faced with more MD rantings ;).

Todays topic is on ... water bottles! Bet you didn't see that coming! Something I've seen at too many weddings to count is wasted water and wasted water bottles and I think, even if you are not doing a Green Wedding, it's nice to remind guests (and, if you are a guest, to keep in mind!) to be mindful of waste. Usually it happens towards the end of the night, when guests are thirsty (and perhaps a little under the influence) and start asking for water, taking a sip, leaving their bottle someplace and never returning for it. Because it's been opened, the waiters have to throw it - with one guest, maybe not cause for alarm ... but it's not just one guest and, unfortunately, not just one water bottle.

So, I'm sure you're thinking, "what to do?" Well, I've had a few ideas on this - not that anyone's ever asked me before so I have yet to see any of these ideas integrated, mind you!

1. Have black markers available and have guests put their name on their water bottle. That way they can find it again or it can be left for them to pick up at the end of the night - like a favor ;).

2. Give away pretty cups as favors, with guest's name either painted or attached to the cup that can then be used as their water glass through-out the night.

3. Have ice and water in a water jug available for guests to pour into regular glasses. That way, they fill-up when they want something to drink and the glasses get washed at the end of the night - no waste!

Remember ... to keep me from ranting, you have to write-in! Put "Two Pesos Tuesday" in the subject line and write to:

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Oranges, Reds, Golds, Fuschias...Where was I??

I'm sorry I'm late dear brides and coordinators! Time just flew away from me this last week as I was delving into research for various events and favors. And, then, somehow I forgot whether I was looking up oranges, fuchsias, reds, golds... so, I just put them all together - I love bold colors - so fiery and passionate and perfect for a sunset reception in our bay!

Again, just a few of the photos I really loved from this color combination. The invite and those pillows are absolutely Divine!

I've decided I'm going to do a whole series just on dresses ... I love them so and, while most brides have already purchased their dresses before I ever get their design, that doesn't mean that I don't absolutely love what I see when I finally do get to see what they've chosen! Anyway.... to start we have this absolutely luscious bouquet with lilies and roses and berries - love it (McClintock Photography)! Next to it this fiery sexy orange bridesmaid dress (Elegant Mart). Underneath another beautiful bouquet from The Knot and beautiful orange bouquet (that wrap is sweet!) from Project Wedding. In the upper right we have a wispy fuchsia/pink toned bridesmaid dress and orange ties (Blog Dig) and I see this red wedding dress all the time and absolutely love it for its dramatic, ornate look - at the right wedding - HERE comes THE Bride!! (Bridal Wave Tv)

Well, not sure how I ended-up with the beginning and the end of the wedding put together, but here you go! I have always loved this orange cake and have every intention of doing something similar for the right bride and next to it another super fun Gerber-like cake (the knot). Underneath I love both of these - on the right we have this amazing peacock affair program (the knot), and on the left orange tiger lilies (my personal artist). Underneath - great tags from Project Wedding, colorful invite from Alannah Rose, and I like this last invite for the use of texture (Created by Fate).

Well, I guess this should be centerpieces and tablescapes, but anywho... On the top we have this wildly colorful and oh so fun tablescape from Celebration Cayman Blogspot. Upper right we have a bright beachy centerpiece (Project Wedding), I LOVE the centerpiece underneath from The Knot, underneath we have a more subdued approach with orchids from Wedding Tactics. Next to it a very elegant and chic tablescape from Wendy's Bridal Affairs. On the bottom row, we have these escort cards which are so clean and unique (and could also make a very good centerpiece)(BlogDig), vase covered with fabric and surrounded by gerbers (Prima Donna Bride), and colorful airy tablescape (BlogDig).

Or, in other words, other things I loved but didn't know where to put!! Row 1 - Hand-made paper flowers (well, those are ours - but so cool!), fabulous pillows (Bees N Tulips). Row 2 - love this draping fabric with alternative lighting (The Knot) and draping fabric and hanging flowers (The Knot). Row 3 - adore these Chinese lanterns (Snippet and Ink) - by now you might think I'm a Chinese lantern fanatic, but I promise this is not the case - I just love romantic and alternative lighting - anything to make an event more festive and to really help and set a "mood"! Again, this drapey (is so a word if I say so!) affect - it looks similar to what I found on The Knot, but this photo was found at Snippet and Ink. And last I couldn't tell if this was printed paper or napkins, but I loved it either way (Snippet and Ink)!

I think I'm going to tackle Love Birds next blog as it caught my eye during the red/blue blog. Or maybe not ... maybe I'll just surprise you so you'll have to peek to see what's here!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Two Pesos Tuesday...

Well, welcome to the first issue ever of Two Pesos Tuesday where IM-a-HO (In My Humble Opinion) lay it on the line - or something like that. So, this idea came from chatting with a bride, but you can be joe the groom or jill the coordinator - doesn't matter - just bring me your questions on design, locations, etiquette, pictures - whatever and I will do my best to answer as honestly, and fairly, as possible every Tuesday.

Since this is the first one and I haven't had any takers yet, and since I've seen oodles of weddings here, I thought I would write down how I would structure an evening if it were my wedding here in Vallarta and I didn't have to worry about moo-la. I'm going to use photos of my own wedding to illustrate points - but this isn't necessarily how my wedding was done - just how I would do it NOW. ;)

*Wedding ceremony 45 minutes before sunset - so groom and I could have good pictures... like this one taken by my friend Shane - although not at my wedding - during my honeymoon here in PV!

*I would have harpist playing during the ceremony because, seriously, how cool is that and how often do you see a harpist playing something on a beach - just for you?

this picture has absolutely nothing to do with PV
(but we DO have harpists!)

*Then I would have mariachis playing as we exited the ceremony. And I would have the mariachis walk with the guests to the cocktail while groom and I go off and take super great photos.

*As we enter the cocktail we would be announced as Mr. and Mrs. whatever, etc etc. and we would do a "first" dance of sorts. I've seen this done twice and it's always really romantic. Ahhhhh.

*Before dinner starts, I would have my Dad give a toast. And, then, through-out dinner other key people who wished to toast, would toast. And NO MORE TOASTS. I've seen too many weddings ruined by people toasting the wedding to an early grave. (disclaimer: this wasn't a toast given at a wedding, but it COULD have been)

*After dinner, we would cut the cake and off would go fireworks - fireworks, for what you get, are inexpensive (especially when you think of what it would cost you in the States for a firework show - IF you could get the permits to have one!). And everyone would eat cake. YUM.

*As guests are eating cake, the groom and I would do our first dance of OUR song. Then I would do my first dance with my Dad (not really - this is my imaginary wedding - IRL my Dad doesn't dance EVER - but, hey, this is my imaginary wedding, and it's MY blog so phbbt) which would lead into the groom's dance with his mom.
*Then the next song would be something fun so everyone would get up and dance.

*Party Party!! Might do the garter/bouquet toss somewhere in there. Or we did this other crazy game which required getting up on chairs and nearly being knocked down by our guests, but that's a whole other blog!

*Then I would have a) a taco stand to eat something nummy and b) fire dancers to close off the evening. Fire dancers are awesome!!

So, if you don't want another boring diatribe of me just yakking about whatever, send me your design or wedding-related (or non-wedding related - whatever!) questions, photos, etc etc to:

Saturday, 1 November 2008

B-Limey, Reds and Chocolate Brown!

I had a bride request this color palette and I must admit I wasn't too sure when I started but now I love it too! This is a very unique color palette - it was hard to find anyone who had already done it before - which I thought put that in the "plus" section as it will really help to make this bride's wedding unique and signature. After reviewing so many photos, I do think that this color palette has to be approached with a very delicate hand - the lime green and the red need to be just the right shade to pull this off successfully - I think either a bright, bright approach OR a more subdued look works well - but just be careful not to mix the two or, instead of eye candy, you will have an eye disaster! :)


These were the photos I loved best - they all show-up later so I won't mark them all now! Delightful!!


As you all know, I LOVE graphics and really enjoy incorporating invites, save the dates and other things my brides have already chosen into their wedding decor. In the upper left-hand corner we have a modern brown/green approach found at BG Design Studio. Next to that is the invite I fell in love with which I found at Project Wedding - this is a great example of a more subdued approach to the whole lime green/red/chocolate brown palette. While I admit that the color is not lime green but more an olive, I think it's lovely.

Underneath I'm sure you're wondering what the blue invite is doing on this color palette! Well, when it's hard to find a color palette someone has already done, you have to use your imagination and I just love the idea of changing the blue accents to lime green, and the ribbon in red - Chocolate brown dots in the center of the flowers and still the chocolate brown behind the invites - I think this would be smashing, and the idea was found over at My Seattle Wedding. Next to that we have a fun polka-dotted invite/place card/escort card set found at Faye and Greer.

Two versatile ceremony programs - both found on Flickr - the first a fun, layered look and the second an interesting textured approach - I LOVE that texture. Underneath I really like this brown and red invite I found at Project Wedding and think it would be perfect with a lime green typeset. The middle favor box I would use as a design for a fan or a maraca. Perhaps also utilizing details of it in escort cards/place cards - this idea was at The Knot. The top shades of green and chocolate brown invite was a Flickr find and this elegant menu was found at Project Wedding.


I found bouquets in this color combination a trifle challenging because you need to be careful in your use of red in this color palette as it would be very easy to utilize too much and have it completely overwhelm the design. The first bouquet is as close as I could get to my idea of what accents of red would look good - something different and subtle. I found this bouquet at A Perfect Wedding Day. Next to that bouquet we have an orchid, lily pad The Knot arrangement which I think would also look good with a few accents of red mums.

Underneath I love this interesting bouquet I found at Perfectly Pearl - the use of greenery and ribbon I think changes what might be a perfectly ordinary bouquet into something truly original. I also really like this round bouquet combination which would look great with just the right red and chocolate brown ribbon over at Simply Abundant Blooms.

In the bottom row, I know the bouquet on the far left has accents of mango, but I think it could be a lovely bouquet with red accents as well - found at Lotus Haus. Pretty green wrap with a crystal accent at The Wedding Decorator. And last is this rose/orchid combination at Wedding Blogdig.

I found a number of brown/green centerpieces I loved and, with the added accent of red, I think it would really hit the nail on the head.
In the upper far left we have a lime-filled vase center with a brown runner taken by Anne Marlow over at Flickr. Next The Knot's more rustic approach with chocolate tablecloth, green runner and willow inspired center circled by open red roses. I love this hanging fabric with hanging flowers, a great Project Wedding find. These lime green cone centerpieces would be perfect with touches of chocolate brown and red at Glamorous Gowns. For this great red/chocolate brown center over at The Knot, exchange the blue button for a lime green one and, wa-la, beauty! Brown branches with glass candles at Flickr.
I normally try to not utilize photos that we can't replicate here in Vallarta but I really loved this table setting with brown and green dishes - well, we COULD replicate this somewhat but it would be pricey - anyway, table setting found at Project Wedding. Absolutely love love love this fabulous set-up with the brown and green Chinese lanterns found at Project Wedding - add a few accents of red and there you have it! I thought this red centerpiece was interesting - another Lotus Haus find.
Limes are the word here with roses (Project Wedding), or white pillar candles OR mums (The Wedding Decorator)! I thought this pink/green mums was an interesting low center, of course replaced with red buds and red and chocolate brown accents (Project Wedding). Hanging green Chinese lanterns would look great but need to be paired with just the right tone of red (Tickled Pink). And, lastly, tall vases filled with willows (Project Wedding) and orchids (The Knot).

I didn't realize how full this blog was until I got to this part! Whew! Nearly finished!! For these great geometric designed cakes I would add a dark red base underneath the cake (Glamorous Gowns). I think this cake on the right (Pink Cake Box) is perfect just the way it is, for the more modern bride.
In the middle row, I LOVE this cake (The Knot) but would make these changes: brown middle design and brown ribbon on top and bottom topped with a small strip of red and lime green - or, perhaps, a patterned red/lime green ribbon on top. Now you might wonder what on earth this next photo has to do with this section - but I love the idea of a signature cocktail table - and in the colors of red, green and champagne - fun (this is an old photo - I don't know where I found it - so, if you recognize it, let me know!)!!
Still with the whole signature drink theme, lime green martini (The Wedding Decorator), a great chocolate cake - with, of course, lime green accents in lieu of the blue (Project Wedding), and this interesting tall cake affair also found at Project Wedding.

How's that for a design title? I didn't have enough of any of these to make each a separate collage, but loved them anyhow! I know this cut-out with escort cards (The Knot) should have technically been with the printed material, but I like it here, so there - isn't it awesome? The ideas for this are endless - dance lanterns, cocktail candles, centerpieces .... ooo-la-la!
Both of these photo booths I adore - I know we can't rent photo booths here but we CAN make fun photo areas inspired by these two photos - the top red (Event Accomplished) and super fun one down below (Elizabeth Anne Designs).
I liked this chopstick favor with red blossom box underneath (Snippet and Ink). Red flower balls with chocolate brown and white polka-dotted ribbon (imagine lime green!) at Event Accomplished. Green bridal dress - I know it's random - but I liked it in this collage (Blog Kadahan)! Natural green plants along the ceremony aisle with red ribbons at Snippet and Ink, beautiful green umbrella with a great pattern taken by Anne Marlow at Flickr. And, lastly, this would look great on the ceremony aisle chairs with green blossoms (The Knot).

WHEW! That felt like a roller coaster! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together - I'm not sure what I will tackle last month as I stumbled across a lot of great finds but I'm sure it will be as juicy so tune back in....
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