Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Two Pesos Tuesday...

Well, welcome to the first issue ever of Two Pesos Tuesday where IM-a-HO (In My Humble Opinion) lay it on the line - or something like that. So, this idea came from chatting with a bride, but you can be joe the groom or jill the coordinator - doesn't matter - just bring me your questions on design, locations, etiquette, pictures - whatever and I will do my best to answer as honestly, and fairly, as possible every Tuesday.

Since this is the first one and I haven't had any takers yet, and since I've seen oodles of weddings here, I thought I would write down how I would structure an evening if it were my wedding here in Vallarta and I didn't have to worry about moo-la. I'm going to use photos of my own wedding to illustrate points - but this isn't necessarily how my wedding was done - just how I would do it NOW. ;)

*Wedding ceremony 45 minutes before sunset - so groom and I could have good pictures... like this one taken by my friend Shane - although not at my wedding - during my honeymoon here in PV!

*I would have harpist playing during the ceremony because, seriously, how cool is that and how often do you see a harpist playing something on a beach - just for you?

this picture has absolutely nothing to do with PV
(but we DO have harpists!)

*Then I would have mariachis playing as we exited the ceremony. And I would have the mariachis walk with the guests to the cocktail while groom and I go off and take super great photos.

*As we enter the cocktail we would be announced as Mr. and Mrs. whatever, etc etc. and we would do a "first" dance of sorts. I've seen this done twice and it's always really romantic. Ahhhhh.

*Before dinner starts, I would have my Dad give a toast. And, then, through-out dinner other key people who wished to toast, would toast. And NO MORE TOASTS. I've seen too many weddings ruined by people toasting the wedding to an early grave. (disclaimer: this wasn't a toast given at a wedding, but it COULD have been)

*After dinner, we would cut the cake and off would go fireworks - fireworks, for what you get, are inexpensive (especially when you think of what it would cost you in the States for a firework show - IF you could get the permits to have one!). And everyone would eat cake. YUM.

*As guests are eating cake, the groom and I would do our first dance of OUR song. Then I would do my first dance with my Dad (not really - this is my imaginary wedding - IRL my Dad doesn't dance EVER - but, hey, this is my imaginary wedding, and it's MY blog so phbbt) which would lead into the groom's dance with his mom.
*Then the next song would be something fun so everyone would get up and dance.

*Party Party!! Might do the garter/bouquet toss somewhere in there. Or we did this other crazy game which required getting up on chairs and nearly being knocked down by our guests, but that's a whole other blog!

*Then I would have a) a taco stand to eat something nummy and b) fire dancers to close off the evening. Fire dancers are awesome!!

So, if you don't want another boring diatribe of me just yakking about whatever, send me your design or wedding-related (or non-wedding related - whatever!) questions, photos, etc etc to: amishkadesigns@yahoo.com.


kate.com said...

haha... I finally found this! Love it.
I want to know how to set a table and make it not too cluttered. Sometimes it gets busy with floral arrangements, tea lights, napkins, place cards, menus and then throw in a maraca!

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