Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Two Pesos Tuesday...

Well, I'm late but still on Tuesday and it wasn't all my fault, my dear brides! I had to tackle with immigration today which is, as always, a huge headache. Anyway, I did receive a few interesting questions, but I need more time to really answer them properly, so I'm afraid you're going to be faced with more MD rantings ;).

Todays topic is on ... water bottles! Bet you didn't see that coming! Something I've seen at too many weddings to count is wasted water and wasted water bottles and I think, even if you are not doing a Green Wedding, it's nice to remind guests (and, if you are a guest, to keep in mind!) to be mindful of waste. Usually it happens towards the end of the night, when guests are thirsty (and perhaps a little under the influence) and start asking for water, taking a sip, leaving their bottle someplace and never returning for it. Because it's been opened, the waiters have to throw it - with one guest, maybe not cause for alarm ... but it's not just one guest and, unfortunately, not just one water bottle.

So, I'm sure you're thinking, "what to do?" Well, I've had a few ideas on this - not that anyone's ever asked me before so I have yet to see any of these ideas integrated, mind you!

1. Have black markers available and have guests put their name on their water bottle. That way they can find it again or it can be left for them to pick up at the end of the night - like a favor ;).

2. Give away pretty cups as favors, with guest's name either painted or attached to the cup that can then be used as their water glass through-out the night.

3. Have ice and water in a water jug available for guests to pour into regular glasses. That way, they fill-up when they want something to drink and the glasses get washed at the end of the night - no waste!

Remember ... to keep me from ranting, you have to write-in! Put "Two Pesos Tuesday" in the subject line and write to: amishkadesigns@yahoo.com.


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