Thursday, 27 May 2010

Orange and Blue and Flowery....

Huge congratulations are in order for Ryan and Lety who tied the knot in Las Caletas this past Tuesday! This was an unusual order because all the contact was with the groom and I think he did a great job! :) For those of you who follow the blog, this design probably rings a bell (Kate's Design) ... I love the touch of blue that Ryan wanted on the tags - actually, okay, I heart the tags even if I did do them myself ;).

Next up ... Ashley's wedding blog! I can't wait to show you!!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Chocolate brown, purple and E!

Huge congrats goes to Erin who got married in Sayulita this Saturday (coordinated by the fabulous Kerry of Sayulita Wave!) .... we dropped her maracas off on the way to Ashley and Dave's wedding which I will be blogging all about later this week ....

BUT back to Erin! She sent us her pretty sun inspired monogram pictured down below....

And I think Antonio hit this one right out of the beach! Each of those flames = hand-painted AWESOMENESS!

So, we got oodles more shout-outs coming-up this week and next as our May starts to wrap to a close! YEAH!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Real Wedding - Lindsey & Matt!

Jerome Dieu of Mango Weddings (Lindsey's photographer!) was kind enough to send us these awesome photos of our maracas that he took at Lindsey & Matt's wedding! I love how the guests used the maracas to welcome the newlyweds into their reception - wish we could have been there! Congrats again Lindsey & Matt!!

Next up is Ashley & Dave's Chic Colors of Mexico - I am soooo excited!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Palm Trees, Silver Flowers and Purple Star Fish!

Two huge shout-outs to Jessica who tied the knot this past Friday at Dreams PV, and Lyndsay who tied the knot in Playa del Carmen! And another shout-out to Natalie who said her "i dos" at the H10 Coral & Turquoise Resort in the Riviera Maya!

Jessica had a beautiful turqouise blue and white color scheme and she knew what she wanted right away which were palm trees! I love the color combination!

Lyndsay loved the ever popular Lacy Romance as well as White Flowers ... so we did both, but changed the main flower in lacy romance to surprise her (and to make the maracas look more like a set) ... I love the hot pink and silver color combination and would be hard pressed to tell you which was my favorite. All of these maracas were painted by Israel & Antonio!!

Natalie fell in love with Joy's maracas the very first maracas we ever painted for a bride but, of course, wanted them in her colors - I loved the original color scheme but I have no idea which one is my favorite - I love them both! - Natalie's colors made this design very soft and romantic :).

Ashley's wedding is this Saturday and I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it! I can't wait to show you!!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Beautiful Fuschia & Orange - and WinWin Winner!

So, as I was saying earlier, big shout-out to our WINWIN winner, Shaye, who tied the knot this past Saturday in Las Caletas! Not only did Shaye win 20 of our hand-painted maracas, but we had a little surprise for her as well ... a hand-painted bridal fan! I absolutely ADORE these maracas and would heart heart them even if my husband Antonio hadn't painted them!

shaye's beautiful invite (sproullie designs!)



hand-painted fan

We have three more brides tying the knot before our own Ashley & Dave say "I do" in the beautiful little village of San Pancho....this is a FUN month ya'all!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Day of Flowers!

Last weekend proved to be a busy weekend for some of you as knots were tying all over the place! Big Shout out to Joelle who tied the knot in Cancun, Lindsey who tied her knot in Cabos and Shaye (our WINWIN winner!!) who tied the knot here in Las Caletas (although Shaye's pictures will have to wait - I'm in the midst of a move and just realized that my phone cable is at the other place - haha!).

Joelle came to us with a beautiful STD (if you know who did it, let me know and I'll put in a mention :):) and wanted something based on it - of course, that's what we do ;), and I absolutely ADORE these maracas! Both of these maracas (Joelle & Lindsey) were painted by Israel/Antonio (BIL and hubby respectively) - lucky!!

Lindsey fell in love with Britt's maracas - nice bright colors and tropical flower! So, that's what she got! We took her colors directly from her passport STD!

As soon as I get my cable (haha!) i'll show you Shaye's maracas - they are gorgeous! Plus we included a little surprise for our first annual WINWIN winner you won't want to miss ;).

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gerbers & Teal

Sweet congratulations goes to Amanda who said "i do" yesterday in the beautiful Riviera Maya! Amanda's colors were teal and orange and she decided she wanted to do a gerber somehow - I think Omar created something truly unique - it wouldn't surprise me if this doesn't become a favorite design :).
We have 3 brides tying the knot tomorrow and our May design wedding is fast approaching - this time of year always feels like the days just speed up and speed up until - tada - the season is over and we take a small break before revving up for next year! Blogs just keep a-coming....

Friday, 7 May 2010

Hearts, Initials and Beautiful Colors...

Big Shout-out goes to Mari who tied the knot yesterday in Cancun! Mari loved Danielle's maracas but wanted them done in her colors (of course!) ... we took the colors directly from Mari's cool STD pictured down below.

And, finally, the end result - this time painted by Antonio & Israel. I love Danielle's bright colors but think that Mari's maracas turned out very soft and romantic and heart the color combo!

Blog tomorrow and the day after that - busy month!!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Don Pedro's Palapa.....

I went and met Jennifer, one of our awesome, uber-cool November design brides this past Saturday (while dropping off the WRONG maracas for Katie - haha ;) and took a brief video of Don Pedro's Palapa .... if you haven't seen the place and are still looking for a venue, you might consider it - AMAZING view of Sayulita, lots of covered space (so important down here!) and just a great spot for a wedding!

Win a Hand Painted Fan Continued....

Yes, Gisela is the winner of the hand-painted fan (please email me here so we can get your address details :)! I guess I shouldn't talk about when I make a mistake and, then, turn around and give away prizes to celebrate it, but, alas, I am not perfect and might as well turn a "holy cow what a ijit you are" moment into a "wow- cool - you won something" moment ;). Here is the before (wrong wrong wrong wrong and WRONG!):

And here is the correction the night before the wedding - lucky for us, Katie (and Kerry, her coordinator) has a wicked sense of humor ;).

Quite honestly, I have no idea where the wrong name or date came from - except that maybe I shouldn't work until 3 a.m. .... um .... like I am now!! This week we will have FIVE shout-outs so keep your eyes peeled ;).

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Palm Trees, Beach and WIN A HANDPAINTED FAN!

Big shout goes out to Char & Mike this past Saturday who tied the knot here in Vallarta (with the help of Eva & Michael from Vallarta Weddings!) and another shout-out to Katie who tied the knot with Jerod in Sayulita (with the help of Kerry from Sayulita Wave) this past Saturday (may 2nd) as well!

Eva & Michael asked us to base something on Char & Mike's response card down below and I think Omar did a pretty good replica ;).

As far as Katie's maracas go .... well, I had a brain freeze moment. Before posting the REAL maracas, the FIRST person (minus the people/guests involved in this particular wedding ;) to comment on the blog and tell me what's wrong with the picture down below, wins a hand-painted fan from Mishka Designs and I'll pay the shipping!! So, put yer thinking caps on and lemme know! ;)

Coming-up more maracas and a few inspiration notes as I'm working hard on some upcoming events. May is speeding to a close!!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Wedding Dress Inspirations

Well, Sundays are suppose to be my day "off" but I don't really know the meaning of the word ;). Magazines are hard to get down here in Puerto Vallarta, much less wedding magazines. So, when a friend of mine sent me oodles and another friend brought them to me, I had to dive right-in for ideas and inspiration for some of our upcoming events. And, while doing that, I found I was also wedding dress inspired! I came across these next dresses as my favs! And realized there is a trend (which has not quite reached down here yet but I know it will) of some sort of crystal accent to dresses - which I just LOVE. So, without further ado....

I absolutely love this crystal looking "belt" around this dress! Honestly, not quite sure if I love the dress, but I definitely heart heart the belt!

I LOVE the crystal accents on this dress. The rest of the dress is so simple but those crystal accents just make it stand-out and you think "regal." I would love to see this idea but captured in silkier, more beach friendly fabric....

Back to Simone - I mean - words really cannot even describe how beautiful this dress is!

Really, this dress came close to capturing my heart heart hearts but, in the end, the decision came down to what I thought would work the best with a beach wedding. Not saying this dress wouldn't - but you'll see why down below. I absolutely adore this dress. The flower/crystal accent is absolutely stunning.

I wish I could have seen the whole dress, but I think this neckline is WOW and holds so much promise!

Well, okay I went to find the dress, and will admit, HEART the neckline but not blown away completely by the dress - it's more the fabric than anything....

And, no, not because their name is so similar to mine ;). I love everything about this dress - the lace, the crystal accents, the way it accents the waist but gives curve to the hip - it's sexy but not too sexy, romantic .... ahhhhh........

I actually found this dress on a live person (aka - not a fashion shoot ;) over at Avenia Bridal, and thought I would share:

Seriously, isn't that beautiful?!

Yes, yes - more maracas coming your way tomorrow....

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Vallarta 4-1-1

I Heart Palm Trees...

Biggest "congratulations" goes to heidi & jake who tied the night at Las Caletas this past Friday. Heidi came to us with her logo inspiration and wanted to do something based on the logo, but in the same color tone as Lindsay's maracas.

So, here's the Omar magic....

And here's the MD magic ;)....

I do believe we have 14 more maraca blogs coming-up!! And, of course, Ashley & Dave's wedding in San Pancho which I am having so much fun putting together right now! PLUS I have a few surprises up my it's a whirlwind month my dear brides!
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