Monday, 10 May 2010

Day of Flowers!

Last weekend proved to be a busy weekend for some of you as knots were tying all over the place! Big Shout out to Joelle who tied the knot in Cancun, Lindsey who tied her knot in Cabos and Shaye (our WINWIN winner!!) who tied the knot here in Las Caletas (although Shaye's pictures will have to wait - I'm in the midst of a move and just realized that my phone cable is at the other place - haha!).

Joelle came to us with a beautiful STD (if you know who did it, let me know and I'll put in a mention :):) and wanted something based on it - of course, that's what we do ;), and I absolutely ADORE these maracas! Both of these maracas (Joelle & Lindsey) were painted by Israel/Antonio (BIL and hubby respectively) - lucky!!

Lindsey fell in love with Britt's maracas - nice bright colors and tropical flower! So, that's what she got! We took her colors directly from her passport STD!

As soon as I get my cable (haha!) i'll show you Shaye's maracas - they are gorgeous! Plus we included a little surprise for our first annual WINWIN winner you won't want to miss ;).


Lindsey Greulich said...

Ohmygosh thank you this is great! The maracas were amazing and a HUGE hit! I will send you pictures of everyone shaking them when I get them back.

xoxo Lindsey

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