Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Palm Trees, Beach and WIN A HANDPAINTED FAN!

Big shout goes out to Char & Mike this past Saturday who tied the knot here in Vallarta (with the help of Eva & Michael from Vallarta Weddings!) and another shout-out to Katie who tied the knot with Jerod in Sayulita (with the help of Kerry from Sayulita Wave) this past Saturday (may 2nd) as well!

Eva & Michael asked us to base something on Char & Mike's response card down below and I think Omar did a pretty good replica ;).

As far as Katie's maracas go .... well, I had a brain freeze moment. Before posting the REAL maracas, the FIRST person (minus the people/guests involved in this particular wedding ;) to comment on the blog and tell me what's wrong with the picture down below, wins a hand-painted fan from Mishka Designs and I'll pay the shipping!! So, put yer thinking caps on and lemme know! ;)

Coming-up more maracas and a few inspiration notes as I'm working hard on some upcoming events. May is speeding to a close!!


Gisela said...

The bride's name is wrong! It should be Katie. And if their wedding just happened than isn't the date wrong too since this says 5/10?

Kate O. said...

FI had two guesses.
1. the handle, one is square and the other is longer and curves into the handle and doesnt have the square edge.

2. more doubtful entry - dates in wrong format?

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