Thursday, 13 May 2010

Beautiful Fuschia & Orange - and WinWin Winner!

So, as I was saying earlier, big shout-out to our WINWIN winner, Shaye, who tied the knot this past Saturday in Las Caletas! Not only did Shaye win 20 of our hand-painted maracas, but we had a little surprise for her as well ... a hand-painted bridal fan! I absolutely ADORE these maracas and would heart heart them even if my husband Antonio hadn't painted them!

shaye's beautiful invite (sproullie designs!)



hand-painted fan

We have three more brides tying the knot before our own Ashley & Dave say "I do" in the beautiful little village of San Pancho....this is a FUN month ya'all!


Shaye and Wes said...

Yeeeeaaaaaa! Thanks so much for the blog...your maracas were a huge hit! Everybody absolutely loved them (especially Wes and I). I'm not sure if I told you I got married at the Marriott or not (I definitely had a lot on my mind) but we got married on Las Caletas and noticed it said Marriott on your blog! hee hee. Yep, had we gotten married at one of the hotels, we definitely would have used you as our wedding coordinator!

We'll try to get pictures together to show you how much people loved the maracas! Thank you again!

Shaye and Wes

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