Tuesday, 18 August 2009

If the Shoe Fits...

Hello my dear brides!! Before the new season in Vallarta gets underway I wanted to share with you some fun finds I found when looking for other things - you would be amazed at what shows up in a search engine when you are not looking for something! ;)

Cream, White, Beige, Silver, ETC.

Top Row: We have these India inspired silver dangly heels - look great, not so sure about comfort though (My High Heels); I love these retro Betty Boop type shoes (Brides Best Mate); these probably should have gone under the shoes with pop and color, but I felt they were more conservative in nature (although very classical) (Simply Chic Events).

Middle row we have these very simple, yet again classical peep toed heel (Simply Chic Events); Love this peep toed heel with the flower at the toe (Brides Best Mate); and ending the row with these great vintage shoes (Elegant Steps).

Bottom row, I do believe this was a DIY shoe which the bride crystallized herself, but could be wrong and, if I am wrong, there's an idea for you (Pricescope); I think these lace heels could look awesome under a simple satin sheath type dress to give the whole look a bit of texture (This Next); and, at the end of this row, up top we have these butterfly flats (Perfect Bound); I'm not a big fan of flats but I do find these really pretty with the pearls and black bow (Wedding Central).

Pop, Color, Pizazz, ETC.

Top row we have these amazing black and white heels, probably not under a big, full dress but would look great in a shorter dress (Perfect Bound); a great red, silver heel - I just HEART HEART the idea of red under a wedding dress (Wedding Paper Divas); I HEART HEART these shoes - they are just seriously fabulous ... well, except for the heel part which could very well be uncomfortable! (Bridal Wave).

Second row we have these retro/mod blue and silver flats (Blue Swallow at flickr); these light blue heel with crystal accent at the ankle (Jeepnaysaparis); great runchy at the green heel with flower at toe (Simply Chic Events).

Bottom row up top we have bright fuchsia heels (The Knot); these fab pink retro heels with flower at toe (Pretty Small Shoes); underneath we have some pink chucks - I'm generally not a fan (or even close to fan) of tennis shoes worn under a dress but I relented after seeing these photos (Queta Knits); very blue shoes with Renaissance looking buckle (Wedding Paper Divas); up top I heart heart these blue ruffley shoes - I mean, if you're going to do a colored shoe, so fun to do something that says "look at me!" (Prima Donna Bride); and lastly green shoe with interesting flower at toe (Wedding Paper Divas).

Sandals and Barefoot

Last, but never least, if anything the most important for the beach, are sandals and barefoot!

Up top we have these beautiful silver flip-flops (Bridal Wave); I heart heart these turquoise blue sandals (Coastal Living); very interesting starfish at the toe sandals (Beach Wedding Ideas); very colorful sequined or crystal (or combination of both) sandals (Too Too); for those of you who have followed my blogs before you know that I heart heart heart these barefoot "sandals" - I've seen them at weddings before and they are just beautiful - first up beautiful blue with mother of pearl accent (Beach Theme Wedding Shop); next, a beautiful mother of pearl barefoot sandal (Sandals and FlipFlops) and lastly I thought this was a very interesting idea of a henna tattoo "sandal" (Emily Whetstone at Flickr).

So, I hope there were enough shoe inspirations to whet your appetite for a great adornment - if you are having a ceremony on the beach I would highly recommend a flip-flop or sandal (or barefoot - my favorite!) and then have a pair of heels for later on (especially if dancing is involved)!

Next week we tackle the color purple!


Lizzie-Poo said...

I did attach the crystals to the shoes myself. The shoes are Stuart Weitzman's "Sashay", and about 15 hours of work went into placing those swarovskis on there....and I'm not even finished!

For a similar, and shorter heeled (2.5 inches) look (without all of the man hours) I'd suggest Nina's "Chrys" shoe, which my maid of honor will be wearing in black, and I will be wearing in silver for after the ceremony. They also come in gold.


And the Pricescope link to more pictures:


Great blog, love the shoes you've posted. I have 3 pairs I'll be wearing for my wedding, and they each took a long time to find.

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