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Yellow is the "it" girl!

Wait until you get a look at this blog, my dear brides, and you may just forgive me for being absent so long! I get so involved when I start researching and then the blog becomes this huge thing! I might try taking this in smaller chunks so you don't continue to send me email with "wazzup" in the subject heading ;).

Yellow, my dear brides, is the new "it" this season - or at least it should be! Don't be afraid of yellow! Embrace your inner yellow! And, without further ado, here's the inspiration board....

Can you see my point?! Don't worry - these images pop-up later down below....

So, let's start with the invites .... in the upper left hand corner we have a whole series of paperworks (invites, STD's, programs) found at Green Wedding Shoes; a very dramatic, elegant yellow and black creation from Dolce Press; upper right one of my heart hearts that I discovered somewhere on Flickr!; underneath we have a really artsy inspiration from Black Eiffel; a golden filigree (Uu Designs); and a stamped, very natural light yellow rustic invite (She Knows).

Starting in the middle, we have face cut-outs in bright yellow (Sway Space); very modern yet elegant grey and yellow invite (In the Clouds Events); and an even more modern grey/yellow combo (One Wed); love these thank you cards in the box at Stylist Events.

Bottom row yellow/navy blue bird theme motif (UU Designs); bright yellow-orange/fuchsia invites (Style Me Pretty); my heart heart heart invite discovered at Quilling by Sandra White; and last this yellow/black combination at Formal Invitations.

And, as you know how much I love dresses (and shoes and and and!) I couldn't help but include these great bridesmaid finds ....

Upper right, very beautiful white lace with yellow satin bow (Sexy Red Frame); this retro, yet elegant bridesmaid ensemble (Kenzie Kate); in-between there's a yellow/white bridesmaid ensemble (Bridal Boutique Mr. Penguin).

Smack in the middle we have this awesome blue shoes/yellow dress photo (Green Wedding Shoes); and a very beachy, elegant dress (Tinkled Pink); bottom row we have this sassy golden yellow with purple bust (June Bug Weddings); up top bridesmaids in yellow with flower girl in white with yellow sash (DC Nearly Weds); this great satiny golden yellow dress (Forever 21); and last, but not least, these mellow yellow dresses (Stylist Events).

In case you are still not convinced, here are some flowers - nice bright yellow ones!

Upper left, absolutely lovely calla lilies and what looks like a freesia/rose combination (Lindeman Weddings); I heart heart this dramatic bridesmaids in black with yellow floral ball bouquets (Wedding Bee Pro); in-between we have this nice, soft yellow bouquet (hmm - someplace on Flickr!).

Middle row we start with this yellow/purple bouquet (Fashion Bride); and this great calla Lilly/grass combination (Home and Family Network); in-between white and yellow bouquet (Alieli Florals).

Bottom row very elegant yellow bouquet with champagne wrap and bright, big yellow floral ball (Stylist Events); and ending with this fabulous yellow/white bouquet (Silk Wedding Flower Ideas).

This is where the yellow truly shines! Such bright, happy looking tables - who wouldn't have a good time? ;)

I'm not sure whether to eat or adore this centerpiece with lemon slices and tulips (Porter House Designs); amazing dramatic black and yellow centerpieces (which, for some reason, remind me of Alice in Wonderland!) (In the Clouds Events); in-between, lemons in a tall glass vase (Yellow Brick Blog).

Middle we have this beautiful, elegant black and yellow tablescape (Think Like a Bride); lemons and green orchids (Lindeman Weddings); in-between white vase with yellow stripes and yellow flowers (Entertain Exchange).

Bottom row heart these white mum floral balls with yellow sashes (Wedding Belles Online); great table marker (love the design and the golden color!) (Stylist Events Blog); and these great yellow/black/white centerpieces (Think Like a Bride).

Before we get into the cakes and etc., I thought I would give a nod to two napkin accents I found. Top golden yellow with white design (Stylist Events); and navy blue napkins with yellow ribbon accent (With this Ring).


Yum yum! Can't forget the cake!

Top row I love this yellow present cake (Minette Rushing); middle, light yellow cake (Real Simple); I love the color and simplicity of the last cake in this row (With This Ring).

Middle row I also adore this yellow cake with white flowers (Martha Stewart Weddings); more golden yellow with white flowers with cool cartoon looking black car topper (Italian Lakes Wedding); heart heart this individual cakes with initials (somewhere on Flickr!).

Bottom row - starts with two golden yellow/purple cakes ... first one (The Sugar Syndicate); second one (somewhere on Flickr!); underneath a yellow-orange cake with white (Anna Whitford); I love this next cake but am not overly fond of the cake topper (Yellow Brick Blog); top a light yellow cake with white ribbon (very elegant, me thinks!) (Pink Cake Box); and bottom a white cake with yellow paper lace (Whipped Bake Shoppe on Flickr!).


In case you are still unsure, I went out to find design inspirations for yellow and found these!

Top left, this dress is just so dramatic and Spanish flair looking! (M-A-Belle); this was wallpaper, but I loved the texture and the design - could really do something great with this as a focal idea (Black White Yellow); loved this lounge area and could see this on the beach next to the dance floor! (Stylist Events).

Middle Row, loved this sunshine artwork (Michelle Geller); great yellow/black votives (Pepper Mags); heart heart this black lantern/yellow lamp motif (Lili Vieira de Carvalho).

Bottom row, fab shoes underneath a white dress! (Christian Lou Boutin); Underneath the shoes we have this great yellow/black lantern and yellow lamp (More Ways to Waste Time); heart heart this lighting affect (think dance floor dear brides!) (Project Wedding); and great inspirational wrapping paper ... top yellow cherry blossoms (Ph Designshop); bottom elegance found at The Cinderella Project.

As if trying to convince you that yellow is a GREAT color for a wedding wasn't hard enough, I've set my sights on another inspiration for next week ... perhaps July is mission impossible month ;).


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