Friday, 10 July 2009

Belated and Then Some!

I thought this would be a relaxing summer but I've been oh so wrong! But I'm back on the bandwagon now dear brides and promise oodles of good stuff from now on ;).

First, a big shout out goes to Rebecca who was married waaaayy back June 6th! Also, we found photos of Danielle's maracas.

Rebecca wanted one of our most famous designs the "lacy romance". So, that's what we did, along with "shake me at the kiss" tags.

And, harking back to the Zen and Not so Zen blog, we finally found a not so great photo of her maracas ;).

Next week I think we might have an example of Isabel's huppah but, if not, I will do a design board (delinquent I know I know!).


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