Tuesday, 27 January 2009

2 Pesos - Stamps Can be Marvelous Things!

A big shout out goes to K8 who tied the knot last Friday! I wanted to go but I had a teething baby to contend with and, just like the rest of you, must wait for wedding photos.... but, meanwhile, here is a little preview of a few little goodies we put together for her....

Kate wanted something that was romantic but distinctive to go along with her aqua/red motif so I went searching the internet for inspiration and I gave Kate her choice of various designs. This is the one she chose...

Kate's Design Inspiration

As fate would have it, she had a girlfriend who actually owned this stamp! So, she was able to have her friend make welcome bag tags and ceremony programs using the stamp motif. They looked like this:

Stamped Ceremony Programs and Tags
(not done by us but super kewl anyway!)

I had the task of making the stamp into a useable graphic which was a fun challenge! I erased and colored away and put touches of the stamp into her menus, place cards and shake me tags for her maracas. They looked like this...


Place Cards

Shake Me Tags!

And, finallly, Omar and I discussed what would look best and came-up with the following design which I think really takes the cake! He's so crazy talented!!


Next week will be a full on blog on the color scheme of red, orange and teal, submitted by a BDW bride!


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