Thursday, 15 January 2009

Sign on the dotted line...

Well, I bet you thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth but, no, I've just been extremely busy my dear brides and coordinators! I'll be able to show you some of the projects I've been working on soon, but, in the meantime, here's something I thought was super fun - alternative Guest Book ideas! I'm not a huge fan of a guest book and sign on the line please, so I wanted to try to find other, fun alternative ideas. Some of these ideas have been out there for a while and, while still fun, don't give me the goose pimples that some of these new, more original ideas have done!

Well, I think these 3 ideas have been out there for a bit and, while they aren't truly my favorites, I think, for the right bride, they are still good ideas. On the left we have a signed picture frame for guests to sign their name and some wishes - the idea of which, of course, is that you will later put one of your wedding photos inside to be displayed (Brides Treasures). In the middle, we have a signed platter - I liked this one because it was a little different than just a typical white platter (The Unique Monogram). And last, of course, the signed floral vase (In a Pink Box).

The rest of these I think deserve their very own space!

Polaroids/Photo Area

I put this down as number 10, not because I don't love love it (which I DO DO!) but because it lies on the border of the tried and true ... that's Polaroids ... I've seen this done a couple of times at weddings and guests always get a kick out of props and playing around - making things fun fun! The parasols were found at The Bride and Groom and the fun background collage at Style Me Pretty.

Caricature Portrait

A slight take-off of the picture frame idea is this caricature done of the bride and groom and then guests signing around it - I think this is a great idea for Vallarta because we have a number of popular caricature artists right on the malecon - so it's something you can do when you arrive and, wa-la, quick, easy guest book idea! (Caricatures Ireland) I had a quick, second idea for this - I think, for a smaller group, what fun it would be to have a caricature artist do portraits of your guests and then either take a polaroid with the portrait and the (polaroid for you - the portrait for them as a favor) OR have them sign the potrait and, later, when you get home, scan their portraits for your book and send them back to your guests with a thank you note.

Artistic Guest Book
(but done in a different way!)

I know, I know - I'm not a big fan of books - but I love the retro/artsy look of this one - and, in my head, you fill it with cool stuff - like postcards of vallarta with guests signed signatures or something! (BridalWave TV)

Vintage Book

I think what a fun idea for those who love to read - So, you take a vintage book or an oldie but goodie, or perhaps a coffee book about Vallarta or Mexico or one of your favorite poems - the sky's the limit! - and then you have guests sign the book at your wedding. Sortof like a yearbook, but much more stylish ;). (Wrens Nest)


I'm a big fan of artistic posters - I've only purchased a few, but I'm super picky - I like ones that are colorful, yet portray the place I am visiting. This is a more scroll/poster idea but I also like using perhaps a poster that you both really love - either of the place you got married, or a photo that you both adore (or perhaps an artistic photo of the two of you!)...oodles of ideas here! (Live Journal)


For the puzzle lover what could be better than a puzzle guest book! Of course, if you lose one of the pieces.... (MGC Puzzles)

Photo Collage

An off-shoot of the Polaroid idea, you have your guests taken a Polaroid and sign it and then make a photo collage later which you display. (Pickos)

Framed Wallpaper

I'm not entirely sure what I think of this idea but it was so truly original and creative, I just had to put it! You buy wallpaper (Graham & Brown), put a cardboard backing, place it in a frame put a bunch of color pens and wa-la guest book! (Wedding Blogdig)

Guest Cards

I mentioned postcards up above, which I do think could be a great poster/scrapbook idea - these are guest cards that you have guests fill-out something personal about you and your groom and later place it in a book. I believe this original idea is from Guest Book, but I found this at Greg & Cailin.

Personal Photo Book

So, you are probably wondering what made it to numero uno! I'm a HUGE HUGE (did I mention the HUGEST EVER?!!) fan of photos so I was in love with this photo book idea from first sight - if you've had engagement photos taken, you bring your book and have guests sign your book. I heart this... (Marta and Dewayne)

I've decided during the busy season that 6 blogs is too much - so I will be doing 4 blogs a month and one of those will be a 2 pesos ... I love hearing from you, so thank you for your emails and I will get to your questions soon, I promise!


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