Sunday, 16 November 2008

Oranges, Reds, Golds, Fuschias...Where was I??

I'm sorry I'm late dear brides and coordinators! Time just flew away from me this last week as I was delving into research for various events and favors. And, then, somehow I forgot whether I was looking up oranges, fuchsias, reds, golds... so, I just put them all together - I love bold colors - so fiery and passionate and perfect for a sunset reception in our bay!

Again, just a few of the photos I really loved from this color combination. The invite and those pillows are absolutely Divine!

I've decided I'm going to do a whole series just on dresses ... I love them so and, while most brides have already purchased their dresses before I ever get their design, that doesn't mean that I don't absolutely love what I see when I finally do get to see what they've chosen! Anyway.... to start we have this absolutely luscious bouquet with lilies and roses and berries - love it (McClintock Photography)! Next to it this fiery sexy orange bridesmaid dress (Elegant Mart). Underneath another beautiful bouquet from The Knot and beautiful orange bouquet (that wrap is sweet!) from Project Wedding. In the upper right we have a wispy fuchsia/pink toned bridesmaid dress and orange ties (Blog Dig) and I see this red wedding dress all the time and absolutely love it for its dramatic, ornate look - at the right wedding - HERE comes THE Bride!! (Bridal Wave Tv)

Well, not sure how I ended-up with the beginning and the end of the wedding put together, but here you go! I have always loved this orange cake and have every intention of doing something similar for the right bride and next to it another super fun Gerber-like cake (the knot). Underneath I love both of these - on the right we have this amazing peacock affair program (the knot), and on the left orange tiger lilies (my personal artist). Underneath - great tags from Project Wedding, colorful invite from Alannah Rose, and I like this last invite for the use of texture (Created by Fate).

Well, I guess this should be centerpieces and tablescapes, but anywho... On the top we have this wildly colorful and oh so fun tablescape from Celebration Cayman Blogspot. Upper right we have a bright beachy centerpiece (Project Wedding), I LOVE the centerpiece underneath from The Knot, underneath we have a more subdued approach with orchids from Wedding Tactics. Next to it a very elegant and chic tablescape from Wendy's Bridal Affairs. On the bottom row, we have these escort cards which are so clean and unique (and could also make a very good centerpiece)(BlogDig), vase covered with fabric and surrounded by gerbers (Prima Donna Bride), and colorful airy tablescape (BlogDig).

Or, in other words, other things I loved but didn't know where to put!! Row 1 - Hand-made paper flowers (well, those are ours - but so cool!), fabulous pillows (Bees N Tulips). Row 2 - love this draping fabric with alternative lighting (The Knot) and draping fabric and hanging flowers (The Knot). Row 3 - adore these Chinese lanterns (Snippet and Ink) - by now you might think I'm a Chinese lantern fanatic, but I promise this is not the case - I just love romantic and alternative lighting - anything to make an event more festive and to really help and set a "mood"! Again, this drapey (is so a word if I say so!) affect - it looks similar to what I found on The Knot, but this photo was found at Snippet and Ink. And last I couldn't tell if this was printed paper or napkins, but I loved it either way (Snippet and Ink)!

I think I'm going to tackle Love Birds next blog as it caught my eye during the red/blue blog. Or maybe not ... maybe I'll just surprise you so you'll have to peek to see what's here!


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