Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It's Getting a Little Hairy In Here!

Well, I know I don't typically ever get to help anyone with their style, but I do love hair styles - some of these I've actually had done myself for parties (meaning I had someone do it TO my hair, not ME actually doing it with my own two hands!).
There's something to be said for a simple, sophisticated do. I really love the soft braid/waves in this first picture and this retro look I think would be super chic with a feather and a little jeweled clip. Underneath we have these great semi-bee hives, although of the three, I think I like Sarah Jessica Parkers the best.

Still going with the "less is more" theme, we have this really amazing braided do up top. I really love this middle do with braid underneath the bun - I think the combination is really striking. And, lastly, a combination of braid and wavy curls, worn by Heidi Klum.

Alright, now we're getting to the good stuff! After scouring the web, I realized I'm an adornment kind of girl, so you'll have to excuse me if so many of these photos have THINGS in the hair! We'll start by Going Greek! I had this done for a party (by Elle Salon here in Vallarta) and it turned out fabulous with gold ribbon I brought from the States - I can easily see this done for a bride, with the right ribbon/jewels. Top left, we have silver string with pretty jewels, in the middle we have my favorite Grecian hair example - when you look close you can see a combination of pretty ribbons, and I love the Grecian look with curls at the end of this row. Underneath, pretty silver ribbons, and double black headband with teased look.

Moving onto flowers in the hair - something quite popular down here by the ocean! I like the simplicity of these miniature roses in the first picture, I think this sculptural hair do is interesting (although not sure how practical it would be for a wedding), I heart heart this floral creation but am a little concerned as to how it would hold-up down here in the humidity! On the bottom row, I think this very simple, wavy hair style is a very classic by the ocean do and love the feel of it. I think the middle floral french braid is very different and could be very striking (those are not real flowers). And I think this last photo is very smooth and classic.

I had to do a section on tiaras. I had a tiara, although it certainly wasn't what I had planned on or thought I would do but, then, ended-up falling-in love with one and just had to have it! I think this first photo is very romantic and whimsical and the next photo has a real nice, soft look to it as well. On bottom, I think this is a great look for a short-hair bride. And last, I know this isn't probably a tiara, but a clip, but it COULD be a tiara and, anyway, I think this is also a great look for a short hair bride.

Of course, I saved my favorite section for last. These are actually what inspired me to do a blog on this in the first place - clips! Oh how I adore thee! I heart heart this first hair style - I'm not sure what it is I love about it the most - I like the combination of curls and braid and pretty clips - I think this would look great with a veil down below. I think this middle hair style with clips is also great, but I don't think a veil would look good for it - those clips would definitely replace a veil. And the last picture in this row is also great - brings back a 1940's, 1950's vibe - super fun! I would have loved to see how this hair style (silver bun) looked like from the front, but couldn't find a picture. This next picture is also a really great bun with a few little pearl pins. Great side ponytail with clips, although I don't think it would be for me - I would be too worried about getting hot; also LOVE these clips on the red hair do and love the hair do - although, again, I'm not sure how well that would hold-up as the night goes on; and lastly, I love this hairdo and big floral sparkly clip - something I think would look well with a veil or not.

Next week I'm going to do a design board on a really odd color combination (olive, pink and blue!), but I think it's going to look amazing!


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