Monday, 27 April 2009

Yeah for the Red, Orange and Teal!

I bet you thought this post would never come! I was starting to wonder myself ... well, here it is. I know the color is officially "teal" but some of the blues in this post are - well, not exactly teal - so use your imagination!
This was one thing there was a plethora of in this color combo. On the far left we have orange menu on orange napkin on top of blue glass plate (The Knot); next I'm not sure what these were used for but I think they could make some really great invites (Elizabeth Anne Designs); and at the end of this row I LOVE this orange flower combo with blue ink printed menu - very chic! (Tastefully Entertaining). Next row we have these blue and white whimsical flowers which I heart (J Creations) and this way bold/modern red/teal invite from Pink Lily Press.
The two patterns (in blue and fuchsia and olive and orange) are from Paper Laces. I know this box and napkin really could have been under favors or something like that and, while love the combo, also really loved the print (even if it's small and hard to see - you get the idea!) found at Project Wedding. I heart heart the last invite on this row - I love the blue design, large orange flower and the texture - super amazing! (Tastefully Entertaining). I think the word overlay on top of this orange invite is also a pretty swell idea (Tanger Greetings); teal monograms still very hip (Pink Design Events). Really pretty blue cards (The Knot); of course am always a big fan of swirls and dips and curlies (E Bride Connect); great large orange flower invite (Pink Lily Press) and last, but never least, I love when there are combos - when a design is taken and there are elements of that design but not the exact design and I think this invite set really captures that (Favor Ideas)!!

This was not an easy color combination to find good photos - which is always fun to me to actually create IRL, because you know you're doing something a wee bit out of the ordinary! I imagine this first photo (Grand Tradition Estate) with teal napkins and teal wine glasses! Can you see it?!! Favor boxes are next and, while not a big fan of fake flowers (actually no fan at all), I actually do see the beauty in this idea (Budget Dream Weddings). I really like this bouquet - I like the greenery combined with the orange roses and the red berries. Add a teal wrap and, wa-la, awesome! (Wedding Bouquets). At bottom we have blue glasses with orange flowers for centerpieces (add some red flowers for a bit more spice!) at E Bride Connect. Very interesting red roses/feather center - in a teal box with some orange accents would be quite striking (Project Wedding). And lastly this is a great shades of orange bouquet which could quite easily have some red accents and still get the same effect (The Knot).

By now I'm sure you know how much I HEART cakes! I do realize this white cake isn't blue, orange OR teal, but I love the accent of white throw in there with all that color and I love this cake and it's my blog, so there! ;) (Tastefully Entertaining). Next we have this really unique blue and red cake (add a strip of orange ribbon and all your colors are there!) (Pink Cake Box). At bottom we have a very interesting blue with orange textured/patterned cake (E Bride Connect) and lastly, teal and chocolate brown (which could very easily be teal and red with an orange overlay on the cake table) from Favor Ideas.

Okay, so I admit I've been stumbling over myself to get to this design board! I can't really define why but I heart heart these shoes with a wedding dress - it's just a fantastic touch (The Knot). I hesitate to put this because I don't like putting in things that we probably can't get here in Vallarta, but pic and idea is fab - I love boxes of all kinds and I think this retro blue box is awesome and I would love to get that as a favor at a wedding! (Once Wed) Ya'all know I love wraps and this one is no exception (Elizabeth Anne Designs). This invite is just "wow" - imagine teal where it's gray and red stones where there are white stones (haha! this is how I think all the time!) (Social Frog)... Of course blue fans rock - especially if they had a red design painted on them! (The Knot) Blue china is just awesome - can be done here, but expensive (Kim Vallee); up above we have this great blue/orange flower garter (Project Wedding) and underneath these stamps - heart heart heart! (Zazzle) Lastly, love sassy bridesmaids with great blue dresses, red bouquets and red shoes! (Project Wedding)

Next week might be tackling hair, believe it or not - not something I get asked about often, but love anyway .... OR I might share some sneak peeks of one of the wedding designs that has kept me from posting :).


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