Friday, 24 April 2009

Chocolate and Ivy Lacy romance....

Don't chastise me, dear brides and coordinators - we've been super busy working on an upcoming wedding which is turning out AMAZING - but as a result, I'm horribly delinquent writing to you! A BIG shout out goes to Scott and Carrie who were married April 11th in Las Caletas!

As a twist, both the bride and groom got into the maraca deciding action, as they chose which design they liked best. They did send us their invites which we loved and were excited to copy, but really wanted the Lacy Romance design which we have done before as an example.

We also did little name/date/location tags which Omar freehanded into the computer and I played around with to look just so! I'm pretty pleased with it, if I do say so myself!

As we have a slight lull in the action, I will be posting ideas again - I miss them too and I've been collecting things I've seen online just to share with you - just haven't had the time! So, I will do my best to make a big blog full of ideas to say "thank you" for checking-in even when I've been a bad blogger! Ya'all rock!!


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