Monday, 6 April 2009

Copper Lillies and near Talavera April Fools!

Hello dear brides and coordinators! A BIG SHOUT out goes to Jen who was married (by me, no less!) April 1st and to Megan who tied the knot April 3rd ... and nearly got an accidental belated April Fool's joke!

Copper Lillies
We met with Jen when she came down on an earlier trip - a real down-to-earth bride with an easy smile! She sent us her very own design board as an example of what she would like to see on her maracas.

Jen's Design Board

After talking about it, we discussed with Jen that we were a little worried that the tone of copper she picked might not be the right tone on a maraca - so we switched the background color to ivory and the design to copper and this is how it turned out!

Jen's Maracas

Jen also wanted a huppah - she had read the blog about huppahs written by Vallarta's very own Tamara of Incredible Weddings, and sent us pictures. The day we went to put her huppah up it was very very windy - so, in order for things not to flap around we needed to tie them down fairly well. This is the example and her huppah!
Jen's Huppah

Talavera April Fools
Megan really liked the talavera example we had on created before for our photo shoot but we wanted to do something a little different. I asked Omar to create a different pattern but didn't like the look of it so I asked him to do something based on the talavera design example we had used before. I normally don't have time to send maraca photos to brides before I send them off, because we work right up to the due date. But this time I took a picture and sent it to Megan - only to figure out that the colors were wrong! Omar had mixed-up two of the orders!! Luckily, Megan caught the mistake (and was sweet enough to say she would accept them the way they were - but I would have none of that - her wedding colors were turquoise blue NOT turquoise green and that's a big difference!).
April Fool Maraca

While this is not something I would ever like to happen again, I do think the added color gave a better definition to her maracas and they turned out better than they would have the first time around!
Megan's Maracas

Inspiration to April Fools to Megan's Maracas!

I've been working on some beautiful designs for an end of April/beg of May wedding and end of May wedding but I promise I do still have the design board I promised eons ago and will post that next week as we have a small break in the favor congo line!


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