Thursday, 26 March 2009

Beachy with Class!

A big shout out goes to Brit who was married last Saturday in Las Caletas! We did a whole set of things for her, as you will see - all super fun!

Brit did send us her invites but told me she didn't really want something based off the invites (other than the colors) - after discussing it a bit as to what she would like to see, I remembered an invite that I loved which was very colorful but super kewl - Brittloved it too and, thus, started our inspiration for her wedding sets!

The first thing Brit ordered were the maracas. She wanted the colors of yellow, orange and an orchid/fuschia color. We decided to put the white tiger lily on it for the biggest effect and this is how they turned out!

The bride really wanted to have the names/date/location on the maracas but it was a little over her budget - so, instead, we offered to do tags on some and she decided to do the print on others. The inspiration for these tags (and, as you will see, the place cards as well) came as I was struggling to find something that would be beachy but not too "beachy" - I wanted something artistic, yet also classical when I ran across this graphic image and realized it was perfect! On the other side of the tags I put a tiger lilly water color and I really like the effect. Also taking oodles of time was the font - I must have looked at over 100 different fonts before deciding this was IT! And you thought picking a dress was hard! :)


When I asked Brit how she would like her place cards she was really laid back and basically told me to just do something kewl!! So, I thought place cards on the forks would look nice (and as I knew the wedding was outside at Las Caletas, I thought that would ensure that they wouldn't blow away). I really liked how they came out - as I was playing with font colors I accidentally did the two-tone and decided there was some kewl factor there!

We were just going to do sandalwood fans with ribbon and accents but, when we went to order the fans, it turns out that they are stuck in Mexican customs right now and nobody in Vallarta had any! So, we had to do some quick thunking and we suggested to Brit that we could do some fans based on the same theme as the maracas with a slight twist and she agreed! I'm actually glad it turned out this way because I think they turned out awesome - actually a product of my husband, rather than Omar!

Next week we have Megan's maracas to share ... we've been so busy and I promise I've been scouting the web for ideas - but they have mostly been for my bride's weddings and, of course, must keep those under wraps until we unveil! If you are eager for me to get back to cool decor ideas I will be back to that at the end of April when we have a little break before we go into May and are oodles busy!


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