Monday, 16 March 2009

Lovebirds and the Tropics....

We've been incognito but not lazy! A big congratulations goes to Gilda and Jade - both of whom were married this last Friday the 13th! I'm very fond of Friday the 13th as it was also the day I got married!

Gilda first asked me to do some fans with the swirl, similar to previous blog postings, but in her colors of white and silver (white, silver and a touch of red were her colors!). But, then, she told us that lovebirds had a real meaning to them and they would like to include it somehow, if they could. This was the information she sent us....

So, Omar and I put our heads together and decided to combine the swirl idea with the lovebirds and this is what resulted!

Tropical Flowers
Jade sent us her invites and wanted to know if we could do something similar in her colors of fuschia and orange.

I told her that, when you put a strong color on top of another strong color you need a lighter color to balance it out. So, she decided to do half orange and half pink with a white design and this is what Omar pulled out of his hat!

Next week we have Britt's design - it's completely unique, not like anything I've ever done before, so hopefully you'll tune back in and see how it turns out!


Gilda said...

Mishka! The fans were wonderful! It got a bit hot and sticky that evening and they were put to good use ;) Everyone loved them!

You are such a lovely person to work with. All the best!

Jade Killian said...

Thank you so much for the amazing maracas, they matched perfect with our colors and theme. Everyone was continuing to use them through the night to get us to kiss again. Thank you again for putting together such a beautiful addition to our beautiful day!

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