Monday, 1 December 2008

Accents that Go a Long Way...

Here we are my dear brides and coordinators ... I was going to talk about birds and love birds and all things birds, but I got distracted by .... napkin accents!! Who would have thunk?

I think napkins are something that often get over-looked but can make a lot of difference in the look of your tables - just adding a small touch can go a long way. Oodles of options out there, but I tried to find the best eye candy and here they are!!

There were some really beautiful options out there. Starting on the upper left-hand corner we have this unique jeweled design which can also double as a favor (I LOVE things that can double as something else!) found at Jenn Creations. Underneath that we have this sweet black and white beaded napkin ring complete with little sayings (Crafty Chica). I adore this silver beaded napkin accent in the middle found at A Cottage Industry. Lastly, but never leastly!, there are tasseled delights (top: Always Elegant; middle: BBJ Linen) and on bottom beaded accent with blossom at Moments by Morgan.

Still working with the more elegant side of things, we have these wedding ring accent rings in the upper left (My Dream Wedding) and pretty picture heart frame ring at Glass Slipper Productions. In the middle row, we have this vintage brooch as an accent (Angelic Accents) and silver ring with rhinestone (My Dream Wedding). On the bottom row these interesting silver basil accents (yes! BASIL!) at Prints and Potter, silver coral accent which looks pretty but dangerous ;) at Wrapables and silver rings with can double as place cards (SWEET!) rightly found at Gifts.

Well, after all that bling, I think we need a break and turn to nature! In the upper left hand corner we have this bright blue starfish - I love the unique way they have placed this napkin (LeMiga). Next to it we have a white starfish with place card attached and menu tucked into the napkin (The Knot) - detail detail detail!! In the middle we have this unique touch of feather accent (Social Couture) and down below something that looks simple but really makes the look elegant, this peacock feather which would look great tucked into a napkin at Picasaweb.

Something done a little more frequently, but still doesn't make it any less effective, are ribbons and blossoms like this elegant affair upper left (Moments by Morgan) or elegant yet simple arrangement down below (The Knot). Beautiful fuchsia napkin accented by a bright green orchid (Rosa Gonzalez) and sprigs of green and blossom tied with coffee colored ribbon (The Wedding Channel). Upper right hand corner we have bright orange ribbons tied with various ribbon (Hostess Blog), orange napkin tied with simple golden tone ribbon and rose tied with organza ribbon (The Wedding Channel). Nice!

Just when you thought that you couldn't possible adorn a napkin with anything else arrives buttons and things! There are monogrammed buttons (Dream Visions), buttons/letter/paper cut-outs on burlap (Vintage Indie), these lovely shell buttons (Toast and Tables), satin silk frogs (Martha Stewart - who else?!!) AND (oh yes I'm not finished yet!) ... on the bottom row we have these fobbies - I didn't know what a fobbie was - I had to look it up! But a great idea (Fobbie)! Wonderful silver dragonfly - Love the combination of the blue against the wood grain with the silver - super pretty (Tall Grass) and not to be left behind are these wire accents with cool words in scroll (Brides).

Bet you thought we were finished! But, no, we're not! In the upper left hand corner we have these ceramic picture frame napkin accents (kid you not!)(Wedding Favors Now) and down below an edible napkin accent (yum!yum!) - this bread stick heart (Martha Stewart). In the middle we have a monogrammed napkin (Flickr - Initial Impressions) and down below origami (yes I wrote that correctly) accent ring (Craft Side) and FINALLY (yes I did say it!) this grapevine accent found at Plant A Memory.

With Christmas approaching and many projects on my plate, I have no idea what I will be writing about next dear bloggers, so you'll just have to tune-in and find out! And don't forget to write me with your questions for Two Pesos Tuesdays or all you'll get are my ramblings on life in Puerto Vallarta!


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