Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Two Pesos Tuesdayish-Vallarta Favors That Rock

Well, I forgot that yesterday was Tuesday which, uh-hmm, makes today Wednesday but I swear I'll get the hang of writing once a week soon! I did have some bride questions but they came in late so I'll answer one of them next week and be raving about something someone actually asked me for a change, which I do think was the point ;).

Well, here's my list of favors you can find or have made in Vallarta that I think are worth the pesos - I know, if I were a guest at a wedding, I appreciate getting gifts that are either a) useful or b) artistic or, better yet, c) BOTH. After all, your guests are probably flying-in especially for your day, so it's nice to give them a little memento of appreciation and something they can remember your wedding by (besides a sunburn ;)).
1. Maracas - OF course I LOVE this idea. I know I'm a wee bit prejudiced as, to my knowledge, Omar and I are the originators of the original hand-painted maracas here in Vallarta but, really, it's a GREAT idea - maracas are something you think about when you think "mexico" (well, that and TEQUILA ;), they are great to shake at the kiss or during a fun night of dancing and painted to match your wedding decor they are personalized and look great! Score score!!

2. Fans - OKAY OKAY, I know what you're thinking but obviously I didn't pick doing fans and maracas just because I thought they were cool - there was a need people! Sitting around waiting for a beautiful bride to come down the aisle can be HOT work and having a fan decorated with an accent or your colors to fan myself with and cool down a bit AND I get to take it home and use it or display it or give to Fido to chew on it - well, what could be much better?

3. Picture Frames - Not as popular but I think they are a GREAT idea - I mean, how many times have you had some great picture but not a great frame to put it in? There are some great silver frames (which, yes, are pricey) or you could get ones hand-painted/crafted then double them as place card markers!

4. Talavera - Talvera is the colorful pottery you see that usually comes from Puebla, but there are different styles and colors - some which comes from other parts of Mexico a little more inexpensive because of the difference in craftmanship and style - but still beautiful! You could do glasses, tequila shots, boxes, plates, figures - honestly a sweet favor I would think anyone would be pleased to receive.

5. Artwork - Mexico has a plethora of talented people doing all sorts of talented things - one of which is painting. A small picture painted by a Mexican artist and depicting some part of Vallarta (Los Arcos, our famous church, some of our famous statutes on the Malecon) is a memorable, unique and classy favor... and NOT as expensive as you would think it might be.

6. Knick-Knacks - We have a lot of really cool stuff - it's just a matter of knowing where to go to find it and how much you really should pay for it ;). The sky really is the limit - it just really depends on the theme of your wedding!

7. Themed Gifts - Drawstring purses with beads, embroidered hanker chiefs, silver charms, silver cigar boxes, silver plated mirrors, hand-created party masks, games.... the list goes on and on - all use able or displayable and memorable!

Bride question next week deals with place setting issues and the best way to arrange all the stuff that goes on there so tune-in ....

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