Monday, 1 March 2010

A Tale of Two Maracas....

A big shout out goes to Laura who was married at Dreams Riviera Cancun Feb 26th and Carina who was also married at Dreams Riviera Cancun Feb 27th!

Laura asked us if we could possible do a design like "white flowers" but with starfish like her logo. I said, "of course we can!" This time it was my BIL who rocked the design, Israel! You'll be seeing more of his designs in the future....

Carina loved both white flowers and lacy romance and couldn't decide between the two - so she did one of each, in her colors of pink and orange. I really like how the names/dates are in the same font, but a located a little differently on the maraca, according to the design.


Now for the story .... we receive so many orders that I don't really pay attention to the shipping address until we are ready to ship the maracas. So, this was why I didn't realize that we were sending both of these beautiful brides' maracas to the same hotel. I'd been reading a few complaints about the cost of our shipping but down here, we don't have a good local postal system and it is very important to me that the maracas arrive on time and in good condition - in order to do that, we have to use reliable shipping companies. One mishap is enough for me to never use that shipping company again - you are important to me!


We shipped Carina's maracas Feb 16th - unbeknownst to me until it was done, one of our staff chose to send her maracas via a shipping company I do not like to use (and I think you will see why!) - Estafeta. I shipped Laura's maracas nearly 6 days later via DHL.

To cut a long story short - Laura's maracas arrived the day after we sent them. Carina's maracas, however, were put on the wrong truck and got stuck somewhere in Cancun. Even though it was the shipping company's mistake, they refused to deliver the maracas before the day of the wedding - not only that but we had to fight with them to get them to even put the maracas somewhere where the coordinator could get to them - we argued with them for TWO FULL DAYS until they finally located the maracas and did what we asked.

Needless to say, Carina did finally receive her maracas the day of the wedding (at least according to the tracking information - I have yet to hear if that really did happen) - and the check is in the mail to return nearly all the money she paid for shipping. I know for sure that, even though using other shipping companies might a lot less expensive, it is definitely not worth the stress and I'm pretty sure the bride will say the same.

So, from now on, no experimenting with shipping companies we aren't 100% certain are reliable and, if do make a mistake, will correct their mistake ASAP! Which, I'm afraid, means that, for now, the shipping costs will remain the same.

Up next .... papel picado and a design in a box.....


Anonymous said...

So nice to see a company that honors its word and gets the job done - no matter what! The maracas were beautiful and contributed immensely to the fun of the wedding with guests enjoying them no end! THANK YOU for doing the right thing. You are to be highly, highly commended for taking a bad situation (shipping) and turning it around 100% to make it right! With much gratitude, Ginny Laskaris (Mother of Carina, the bride) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Mishka...I loved my maracas..they were perfect and exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!!! Laura

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