Thursday, 4 March 2010

Design in a Box- Yelapa!

A big shout out goes to Emily & Bonnie who were married last Saturday in Yelapa! When Emily first came to us she brought with her an amazing invite and STD which I can't share because I can't figure out how to make them into pictures, except for this image which came from their website! haha!
Her request was a bit unusual but I was open to at least seeing what we could do to make it work - she wanted us to design some accent touches that they could take with them via boat and put-up themselves. So, Omar and I put our heads together and here's what happened.....

Papel Picado Chuppah Top
The first request was simple - they just wanted a papel picado chuppah. We decided to base it off of the image up above - I think it turned out a trifle Awesome.....

Gift Bags
Something colorful and big enough to put a list of things into it - and with a handle - pretty easy requests. Omar used the same design we'd chosen for the chuppah - just a bit smaller. Heart heart!
Escort Cards/Guest Book
Emily & Bonnie had the idea of hanging-up escort cards somehow so they looked like papel picado lines. They also wanted to use jungle animals as the tablemarkers (this had to be attached with double sided sticky tape, so I don't have photos of them). I then took the escort card idea one step further and thought it would be great to have them double as the guest book pages as well. We used little frogs for the guestbook because they had a little frog theme going-on with their std material.... I do think the guest book is my favorite.
Papel Picado Lines
We also made papel picado lines based on the same animals as the tablemarkers and the escort cards.
And last, but not least, the pinata. Their only request was that it not be representative of something living (like an animal) - so Omar made a heart similar to the one represented on their website. I think it turned out pretty groovy.
Everything went into plastic bags. Which went into a large box. Which was covered with plastic bags. And - wala - design in a box!
We have a month chock-full of favors and a wedding ... so I'll be back sooner than you think!


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