Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sara & Nick's Chic Sayulita Wedding!!

All photos courtesy of Paulina Ulloa

Where do I begin with this wedding?!! Kerry, from Sayulita Wave Weddings, (thank you Kerry & Enrique!!) asked me towards the end of November if we were open for a January wedding - she made it sound so enticing I said "sure" and I am soooo glad we did! From the very start Sara was easy to work with (thank you Sara!!), so funny and completely laid back ... she sent me a slurry of picture boards and some great descriptions of what she was looking for - "Overall, we like earth tones or white with a pop of color. simplicity, romantic, chic, natural - style , not ornate - style, no sea shells or day of the dead, but like the vibrant colors of Mexican textiles."

One simple romantic vibrant chic wedding coming-up! :)

The Bouquet, Bout & Corsages
I knew from the very beginning, with magenta being Sara's preferred color for the wedding, that I wanted to use some unusual flowers - something more wild and beach-looking ... Sara's bouquet was made-up of silver dollar leaves, white anemones, pink wax flowers and kangaroo paw! We also used the anemone for the groom's bout and interspersed those same flowers in the other bridal party flowers .... I kept mainly to a purple/pink color palette and used orange as a bright pop of color. I LOVE this bouquet - one of my favorites ever!

The Ceremony
This beach was beautiful. I knew that Sara felt like the ceremony decor was really about the beauty of the ocean ... so we went with bamboo chuppah and chairs (don't those chairs ROCK?!!) and I decided to hand-paint some very colorful wooden fans (with the help of Omar who made the fans and the family of course!) in various florals to give it an artistic feel yet not detract from the scenery.

The chuppah was surrounded at the base with silver dollar leaves and purple flowers while the top of the chuppah was enveloped with pink and orange wax flowers and some purple statice. I heard it looked great against Sara's vintage looking dress but I will have to wait for pictures!

The Cocktail
I knew that Sara really wanted some embroidered and hand-crafted pillows but those are pricey here in Vallarta - but the look just wouldn't be complete without them! So, we used a little ingenuity and came-up with these knock-offs (I might have designed them but my sister-in-law Gaby sewed them - she rocks!)! I'm not going to tell you how we managed to do these embroidered pillows, but the other pillows were made from shopping bags! As it turns out, unbeknownst to me, Sara had given her guests the same mesh material shopping bags as welcome bags - we thought it was strange when the guests were showing up with their shopping bags to the wedding - like "how did they know?" haha!

We wanted some Moroccan lanterns but they were soooo expensive - so we found some inexpensive material and my husband cut-out all 40 of these beautiful lamp shades - wait 'til you see what they looked like at night!

The Papel Picado
We actually had more papel picado that we weren't able to put up - the wind was sooo strong the day of the wedding and was blowing our poor little papel picado everywhere! But we were able to put up 3 different pieces ... based on phrases that were special to the bride and groom.

The Escort Cards
These were soooo hard to do but I was soooo happy I did them when I saw the end-result. Inside each escort card was a bronze heart favor.

The heart tequila bottles on the table have a story to them - back last summer when Vallarta was struggling one of our favorite Mexican singers, Alejandro Fernandez, got his friends together and came out to Vallarta and gave a free concert. To thank his friends for coming, he ordered these unique bottles of tequila to be given to them, along with a few extras. I thought that this story was awesome and perfect to display at this wedding - a love story about a country to grace the love story of Sara & Nick - perfect!

The Placecards, Napkins & Accents
We drew a replica of an accent from Sara & Nick's wedding website, but added a little heart flair to it, since "love" and "hearts" were a small side theme to the wedding. The napkins were made out of a natural white manta fabric and accented with some awesome cream vintage lace! The wine glasses had colored natural twine wrapped around the stems to tell the waiters who was eating what. Sweet!

The Table Markers
Sara & Nick LOVE to travel and have several favorite spots. We used these names for the table markers - carved into wooden boxes which hung suspended over the middle of the tables and lit-up at night with candles (Omar rocks!)! Looked so amazing!!

The Centerpieces
Since Nick wanted something beachy but not too beachy, we gave just a nod to the beach and filled the middle of the tables with sand. And, then, drawing into the chic/artistic nature of Mexico, we used tin cans and filled them with wax flowers, kangaroo paw, statice, purple flowers and the list goes on! Interspersed were candles and it really did look beautiful during the day as well as at nighttime.

Paper Stars
Sara had mentioned wanting stars ... I searched high and low for paper stars - we even looked into making them but talk about a project! I finally found these - in Hawaii!! Absolutely amazing - one of the most beautiful dance floors ever!

Just a few pictures taken at night to give you a feeling for how the evening progressed. I'll let you fill in the blank ... these night photos are ...... ;)

More maraca photos on the way as well as some design inspiration boards - busy month in February although not working on an event per se :). Now that I have a camera again (hurray!) look for more before and afters and other goodies on facebook....


Terra Law said...

Great job Mishka!

Nic Santana said...

Thank you very much for your work on our wedding. I LOVE THE PILLOW CASES and the attention to detail you and your husband gave our wedding celebration. My only regret is that our wedding didn't last for two days instead of an afternoon and evening.

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