Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Nikki & Roland's Vibrant Mexican Wedding!

Photo courtesy of Paulina Ulloa
All other photos by staff photographer, Soco

Well, we could point fingers at the computer who wouldn't run the picture dvd and then christmas and new years (those ornery holidays!) and the list could get really long - so, instead, THE BIGGEST EVER CONGRATULATIONS to Nikki & Roland on tying the knot this last December 5, 2009! ;)

It seemed as though the fates were determined to deter all of Nikki & my plans for fairly easy, relaxed wedding planning. We had decided on Spiaggia way back when because their prices were great and the location was awesome and everything was going to be simple simple simple - to the point that I didn't even do an inspiration board! Of course, ya'all might know by now, but to make a long story short, Spiaggia sold itself (without informing us) and the new location decided to completely reinvent itself (again without informing us) and, thus, either Spiaggia or the new Cherry 7 up and ran off with Nikki's deposit money, each pointing the fingers at each other. Boo!!!

But, after some hot words from all three of us to the locale in question, Nikki took action, found this incredible, amazing villa (Casa Suenos del Mar) who was willing to rent for a night .... and, after all, fate was right, we were wrong, and the wedding turned out much better than we had originally planned for!!

The Bouquet

Nikki had decided to do bright, vibrant colors for her Mexican wedding so we decided on the tones of fuschia and orange with a touch of gold and mixed those colors into her bouquet - it looked great against her dress! Roland's bout followed suit -- good man!

The Ceremony

Well, originally the ceremony was going to be on the sand - so, with the new venue chosen just weeks before the wedding, I had to design something entirely different that would fit the new venue. I quite honestly don't know how this came to me - I knew that I still wanted the vibrant, colorful feel but I didn't want to block the beautiful view or amazing foliage - so we decided to surprise Nikki & Roland with strung roses ... they had originally wanted bougamvilia but that's not something we can order ... we have to "find" it and there wasn't a lot out - in the end, I think this ceremony huppah is one of my all-time favorites....

The Guest Cards

Nikki & Roland had a theme about certain dates meaning certain things to them, so I thought it would be great fun to make guest cards with chosen dates and have guest write their wishes and thoughts on them only to be opened the day on the card! I found this amazing talavera mailbox when I was out and about!

The Maracas

Nikki hearts hearts our maracas, so I wanted to do something extra special. Omar painted the flowers around the entire maraca (sounds easy - is not! ;), and accented their monogram with gold paint - if I had to do it over again, I might add a gold accent to the flower - but pretty nevertheless!

The Centerpieces

We overlayed the tables with a shimmery orange/cream chiffon and filled adobe pinata bases with alternating arrangements of fuschia and orange roses. Colorful candles surrounded the base and alternating fuschia and orange napkins stood-up tall in water glasses - love it!

The Kid's Table

We made little activity books for the kids to work on during dinner, accompanied by a Mexican wooden toy, crayons and a little ornament. Fun!

Candles & Nightscapes

Of course, we peppered the villa with oodles of candles and the villa transformed itself into a magical, romantic evening....

The Cake

Adore this cake .... check out the befores and afters here to see how a fairly monotone colored cake turned into this awesome creation by Memo of Charme! We also surprised Nikki & her daughter with their own individualized cake as they each adored a flavor that wasn't chosen to be "the cake" - we had the waiters bring it out as soon as Nikki & Roland cut the cake and everyone was happy!


They really did a fantastic job - we had floating globes and acrobatics - a really amazing way to end the evening....


I wanted to also say that Nikki did a great job on some of her DIY projects - she worked with us really closely to make sure that everything done, from start to finish, related and looked "just so" - I think she did a fantastic job!

Next week, barring disasters, we should have the photos up from Sara & Nic's wedding which took place this past saturday in Sayulita! We have a busy season ahead of us, but I have, in my 'spare time' (haha!) been working on some design inspiration boards ... so I will do my best to get those snuck in here somehow (or on facebook!).


Nikki Cantu said...

I just wanted to post my experience with Mishka Designs. Mishka is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I loved working with her as my coordinator. By the end of the process, I felt like I had a new friend as we spoke all the time! The first thing that really impressed me was how she responded to my initial email. I sent emails to a ton of coordinators to get an idea of what each offered, how they responded, etc. I think that first response can be very telling as to how it will be working with that business. A few of the pricier coordination businesses sent me their standard form letter which I am sure is because of the budget I specified is nowhere near what they will work for. Mishka was willing from the very start to work within my budget the best she could. She was honest about what we could and couldn’t do with my budget. And let me tell you, the budget I initially submitted was WAY low! I got caught up in all the stuff I could do with a wedding as the months went on and did increase my budget for other things I wanted (firedancers, mariachi’s, etc) but it was all at my initiation – not Mishkas. She was super creative in finding neat ideas that would work for what I wanted but weren’t too high priced. She always responded to emails right away and answered all of my questions – no waiting a week to get a response back. I couldn’t have handled that – too impatient!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the huppah she designed – when I first saw it, I couldn’t believe how cool it looked! All of the roses on it looked awesome. Actually, all of the flowers were awesome – I loved my bouquet and the roses on the tables too. All the neat special touches and details are what I loved – my own flavor of cake, playing "Yeah" by Usher at the cake cutting (our song, believe it or not!), etc. Mishka really listened to what we said and we saw it in the details. Mishka was also our minister – she doesn’t normally do coordination/design and a ceremony as well but thought it would be doable given the wedding was originally supposed to be simple! Her ceremony was just perfect – couldn’t have been any better. I loved it. It was original and touching without being sappy. She made me cry!! In a good way! Seriously, I could go on and on and on about her but I think her work speaks for itself. If you have seen the review of our wedding on her blog, you will know that she did a fantastic job! I couldn’t be more pleased with Mishka Designs and am trying to think of another event I can have in PV so I can work with her again!

Akumal Mexico said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! It truly looks like an incredible dream wedding! Amazing! Thanks for the post :)

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