Monday, 1 September 2008

A Maraca By Any Other Name...

I hope you are all getting your beauty rest as September winds Vallarta down before gearing back up for next season! I know I've mentioned before that we here at Mishka Designs don't just do an all-over design, but we also handle special favors (i.e. fans, picture frames, magnets, etc.), place cards/escort cards/table markers, etc. Well, Omar and I have a little treat for you - we came up with some ideas of example maracas to show you just a sample of what we are able to do to customize a common favor here in Vallarta to something truly special for your brides!!

This first maraca was inspired off of a couple of brides I've designed for the in the past who really liked paisley and wanted it incorporated into their wedding - of course, this design can be modified to be darker, other colors, other style of paisley - the sky's the limit!

Photo by Paulina Ulloa

Inspired by Spanish lace, again this is just an example of what we can do while, at the same time, we can change the colors, change the flower style, whatever it is your bride (or you!) might want!

Photo by Paulina Ulloa
Still in the floral theme, this maraca was more inspired from the frequent request of the color combination of orange and fuchsia. On any of these maracas, the bride and groom's name can be placed and date of wedding, or perhaps you would prefer to use the maracas as place markers and we can paint individual names on each one.

Photo by Paulina Ulloa
Inspired from that which Vallarta is famous for - the seahorse statue on the Malecon - there are many many different ways to paint a Seahorse and this is just one of them, with a myriad of color choices available.

Photo by Paulina Ulloa
As we all know real Talavera is expensive but what a great favor! However, for the bride who likes the look of Talavera and might not be able to afford the real thing OR for a bride who just would love to have the look of Talavera in her maracas, here's a Talavera themed maraca. Again, Talavera has many different patterns, many different colors and this is just an example as any and all of them are possible!!

Photo by Paulina Ulloa
Another common favorite, the calla lily, is represented in this image. We wanted to show a more "natural" look to the maraca so we choose a wooden maraca and burned the calla lily artwork into the maraca itself. I love this maraca! Again, any flower or design can be burned into a wooden maraca!

Photo by Paulina Ulloa
Years ago we had a wedding where we utilized this profile image and it was really beautiful! This was Omar's favorite maraca, so I saved it for last - a male/female pair. Again, we can do any sort of graphic, any sort of idea with all different colors, depending on what your bride (or you!) is/are looking for!

Photo by Paulina Ulloa
As you all know by now, we aren't a cookie-cutter kindof company. So, everything we do is made to order. Even if your bride just knows she wants something in keeping with her wedding but doesn't know what she would like on the maraca, we do that too... we'll just ask a few questions to get a better feel, perhaps ask for some photos of the invites, save the dates or other material, and we can create something which would be perfect and in keeping with the event and will be a delightful surprise for the bride and groom and their guests!

Mid-month I'll be dealing with the color combination of blue and orange, filled with amazing ideas and eye-catching photos, so you won't want to miss it!


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