Monday, 15 September 2008

Something Blue! (and Orange!)

Happy Independence Day! I'm sure none of you are in today, but here's a little eye candy for when you get back!

For some reason I've been really drawn to the color combination of blues and oranges these past few months - I haven't had a bride request this combination but I'm itching to get one who does!

I just wanted to show you my inspiration board - these photos will come-up later as we go through the wedding, but I just wanted to show you how beautiful these colors look together!

I'm not a big fan of fake flowers (unless it's hand-made paper flowers - but, there again, only for certain occasions and certain brides!!). So, if I were to do a orange/blue combination I would opt for an orange bouquet with a blue bridal wrap - I can see the wrap in my head but, alas, could not find one on the Internet.

This first bouquet with the orange/yellow combination and banana leaves came from the Seattle Times (believe it or not!). Next to it we have the beautiful peacock blue dress/orange bouquet combination from JoNa Photography. Down below we have the rich shades of orange bouquet from Project Wedding and next to it the orange roses and mango calla lily affair found at Rick and Colleen's Wedding (no, I don't know them but I like their bouquet!). In the bottom row, I chose the bouquet on the left because it was the only bouquet I found with a blue wrap and it was found at Borrowed Blue Photography. Next to it this beautiful bouquet with shades of orange roses and beautiful mango calla lilies found at Stitchy Witch. And, last, but not least is a bouquet I did a few year's ago.

I love the graphic design side of things! So much fun! In the top row, left, we have this beautiful, simple design found at The Knot and next to it (one of my personal favorites!) is this ocean inspired motif found at Bella Figura. Middle row we have this flower monogrammed menu from The Knot and this vintage inspired invite (where I would switch the black for a dark orange) found at Wedding Zilla. I love these different ideas on the bottom row, starting with this bright orange, blue ribboned affair from The Wedding Bee, this 3-D collage at Madly Creative and blue with orange seashell menu from The Knot.

I love these glass pillar candles found at Project Wedding - I know they aren't easy to find here, but I have found them before and it can be done! Next we have these cunning, whimsical place cards from The Knot and I just love this colorful orange fan with little favor ideas I found at Banquet Event.

Now to the table scapes ... in the second row we have this blue lacy affair with a very natural centerpiece from Project Wedding and this blue tulle (which I normally hate but really like in this set-up) with orange flowers arrangement to hang-off of a chair I found at Flickr. Honestly, I don't know if that's what they intended for this tulle affair, but that's how I would utilize it! I love the simplicity and clean lines of this orange, blue table scape - just breathtaking - found at Rachael Grace Photography. Underneath we have a very lush orange rose centerpiece with silky tablecloth from The Wedding Bee and last, the reason I started on this whole orange/blue lovefest in the first place, this amazing table scape I stumbled upon at Project Wedding.

Onto cakes!! Yum yum!! This top cake (blue with white flowered lace) was found at Style Me Pretty and underneath is the love bird cake found at Best Wedding Sites. My two personal favorites - this pretty blue affair with bright orange roses and this amazing orange detailed cake - were found at Pink Cake Box and The Knot.

Next but not least is the lights!! I love alternative lighting - anything to give the whole atmosphere a more romantic glow. So, with that in mind, the orange Chinese lanterns were found at Banquet Event and the blue with orange lanterns at The Knot.

Last photo, this beautiful orange punch on a startling blue tablecloth, was found at Project Wedding.

What this whole love fest with blue/orange inspired was for me to design a motif and for Omar to make a fan favor - more to give you an idea of what we could do if you have a blue/orange bride who wants a unique and creative favor for her guests. So, we took the idea and painted our very own fan favor...So fun!! Keep in mind that we can do all sorts of patterns and designs for unique and detailed fans - just let us know what your bride (or you, if you are a bride!) is/are looking for and we can send you a quote!

The month of October will bring a guest blogger (one of our own coordinators!!) as well as some yellow, orange, chocolate brown themed ideas!


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Mishka- I just discovered a link from your website. Thank you for linking back! I love your design blog too! Let me know if there are other photos you'd like to use as well!

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