Friday, 15 August 2008

Center Me To Pieces!!

I thought the subject of this mid-month blog would be easy but I was OH SO WRONG!! I saw soooo many BAD BAD BAD centerpieces (I felt bad for brides who are looking for new ideas!!) and many, many copycat pieces and very little truly original pieces. Of course, I realize that I'm somewhat picky when it comes to centerpieces - I'm not a big fan of tall centerpieces because they a) block the view from people sitting across and b) in an outdoor setting there is also danger of them blowing over. And you have to be careful with candle centerpieces because, while many of them look good in a photo shoot (as we all know!) they do not stay lit here in Vallarta unless they are protected!!

BUT, with all that said, I did find a few centerpieces I felt worthy of note ... so here we go!!

First runner-up is this flower box, daisy display that I found at Our One Heart. I think, for a casual, fun beach wedding this would be a good option and I love the use of yellow - something we don't see too often!!

Next we have a floating candle, orchid and rock display found at California Wedding Ideas. Now, I know we've seen floating candles before, but I've never seen the combination done with orchids and rocks and I think, for Vallarta and the right bride, this could be a really, great natural centerpiece.

Not to be beaten is this driftwood, orchid centerpiece which I found from a DIY bride at the Wedding Bee. I really like it - it's simple, yet very beachy and a little elegant!

I know I said I'm not fond of tall centerpieces, but I did like this tall submerged orchid piece found at June Bug Weddings. Of course, this isn't a piece we could use on the beach, but it would be a possibility inside the right villa.

Last, but certainly not least, I absolutely love this colorful, simple yet whimsical Gerber arrangement found at Elizabeth Anne Designs. Beautiful!!

I have tree branches on my mind these days for an upcoming event, so it's no accident that I bumped into these tree creations. The first is from Project Wedding and I not only like the unique centerpiece but I also really love the combination of the runner and purple flowers NOT to mention the use of the white chiavari chairs with dark seat cushions. Really nice!

The next tree concoction came from the Wedding Bee and I absolutely adore the use of branches, flowers and candles. I know it's a tall piece, but it would work for a villa wedding!!

Again, another tall piece, but truly original is this fruit/flower display at The Knot. To be honest, I would like this piece a little more if they took the purple flowers away from the top of the fruit display and just left the white branches, but, in any case, I think it's a nice piece.

Of course, my favorite is last - I love this combination of coffee beans and flowers found at Kim Vallee's Blog. I could easily see this with the use of tulips or very open roses.

Two interesting floral pieces were this floral cake base and tall glass vase - I would prefer not to have this piece so tall (again!) but I did think it was different and beautiful in it's own way. This piece was found at Precious Moments Florals Events.

Monograms have still not died out (and probably won't) so here's a neat idea to incorporate the monogram into a centerpiece, found at Brides.

Again with the carved fruit, but I just love utilizing it somehow ... I think this pineapple cut-out isn't quite finished for a centerpiece, but it does give some great ideas, so I included it anyway! Found at Erin Cooks.

Another version of the use of couple photos for centerpieces, but I thought this one was really well-done and there are so many different things you could incorporate into this idea, aside from photos. Found at the Wedding Bee.

And, of course, the best for last .... I love the use of the Chinese umbrellas and natural grasses and calla lilies down below - true inspiration found at Project Wedding.

Next month we have a special treat for ya'all, as Omar has been busy painting various examples of made-to-order maracas to show you just a few of the possibilities for the bride who wants something uniquely hers so be sure to tune-in!!


Erin said...

Thanks for linking to my pineapple centerpiece. I actually used it for a holiday party after having "stolen" the idea from my boyfriend's aunt. I would personally never use this at a wedding but it's very fun for entertaining at home.

rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

My two favorites are the floating orchid with rocks and the umbrellas. The combo of the rocks, floral and candle is a little more unusual and deep than the typical arrangement.

Tamara vallarta incredibleweddings said...

Hey Mish,

I love the orchid with rocks!! Very my style! The tall lime tubes I like yet lower... The coffee beans I like yet may consider then at the dessert station. I love the smell of fresh coffee beans so this would have me craving a Starbucks!! The Pineapple would work very well at a beach BBQ party the night prior to the wedding, funky decor!! tikkis, Pineapples, Maybe bowls of mangoes!! I did do some thing similar for a beach party I co-ordinated 2 years ago!! The couple loved it!!

Carol said...

Very cute and different

hollywood center pieces said...

Wonderful. Old fashioned candy stores are perfect when looking for unique candy fillings.

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