Friday, 1 August 2008

It's a Wrap!

I was going to talk about bouquets and then I was pulled into the fascinating world of bouquet wraps! I've always had a fascination with bridal wraps - they are like the icing on the cake or the cherry on top of the ice-cream sundae! So, without further ado, let's dig in!!

I'm still very much into investigation mode for all things vintage for an upcoming event - so, of course, in the search I came across some fun finds! Top left we have this fun laced, dazzling affair I found at Project Wedding as well as the bouquet with a similar technique to the right. Also at Project Wedding, right below we have the beautiful jeweled accent letter and these amazing crystal accents!! The bottom row is vintage at its finest, all found at The Wedding Bee, with the flowered crystal, old bracelets turned into a fancy glittering wrap and my personal favorite in this collage, the beautiful lockets with photos to remember loved ones present only in spirit.

Great, creative ideas such as this alternating cotton candy pink and salmon pink ribboned affair topped off with pearl accents found at Project Wedding or this alternating fuschia/pink flare found at The Wedding Bee. Down below, I love this crystalized accented bouquet found at Project Wedding as well as this amazing ribboned flower wrap. Bottom row we have a ruffled ribbon affect at The Wedding Bee as well as the yellow country wrap (love that ribbon!!), and champagne and sage wrap with pearl accents at Project Wedding.

If your bride wants something a little more "au natural" there are always these options of a banana leaf wrap or this succuluent wrap, both found at The Wedding Bee.

For a more "sailor" touch, you might go with this wrap found at Project Wedding.

Or, perhaps, my personal favorite of this set, this cream/white affair with charm accent found at Style Me Pretty.

Cream and white ribbon with black and white beads found at Project Wedding.

Button wrap (love buttons!) found at The Wedding Bee.

And I love both the wrap and this feathery flowered idea found, of course, at Style Me Pretty.

Of course, I saved my favorite wrap for last. I also love the bouquet in this ribbon, jeweled assembly and the additional jeweled dragonfly accents found amongst the flowers is just fabulous!! This bouquet was found at The Wedding Bee.

Mid-month we'll be exploring some different ideas for centerpieces, so stay tuned!! And, as always, if you have something you would like more research on, let me know and I'd be more than happy to oblige!


Eric said...

Great ideas!

Sometimes I've seen the bride wrap an old piece of jewelry from her grandmother (something old, or something borrowed) around the stems too.


Tamara vallarta incredibleweddings said...

Hey Mish,

Michaels back home has some amazing ribbon in all kinds of textures and even notions such as cool or antique bottons could be added. Broches that are sold closer to new years are pretty stunning so those Brides for the winter wedding for P.V start shopping around the end of November when the stores pull out the glitter! Even initials can be found! Not too exspensive either!!

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