Thursday, 1 May 2008

I dream of cupcakes and cakes!

I thought I would start off this month by sharing some great finds I found while investigating for an upcoming wedding where the bride has requested a cupcake tower! I usually direct the wedding couple to a cake gallery I have and ask them to choose a few cakes they like - then I take to the web and try to discover new and amazing ideas which would be perfect for their event design, based on their preferences!


I found cupcakes, as you probably already know from your own investigations, to be really difficult - probably because the design area is so small. It was very hard to find ideas that I felt were inspired and different but I did come across 3 that I just had to share!

Cupcake Tower Black

I found this amazing cupcake tower on the Vanilla Bake Shop website. I love the strong, bold look of this black and white design which truly makes this cupcake tower something to behold!

Blossom Cupcake Tower
This next design I found by Yummy Piece of Cake on flickr. I love how these bright blossoms make this cupcake tower feel so lush and inviting!

Bride and Groom Cupcakes
And I saved the most amazing for last (of course!). This bride and groom cupcake set was one of the most original and cute ideas I found for cupcakes. I found it on 52 Cupcakes blog and the design is from A Baker's Guide by Dede Wilson. I'm definitely going to try to incorporate this somehow!


Well, while I was out and about, I also ran across some great finds for cake inspirations! One of my favorite cake design sites comes from LovinSullivan and, if you haven't heard of them yet, you just have to check them out! Here are three cakes that really caught my eye this time through!

LEFT: I love this fern decorated cake - even only using elements of it.

RIGHT: Not only do I think the use of color and flowers beautiful, but the top layer of the cake has a line from a poem that the B&G loved and that's exactly the kind of detail I think makes a truly incredible event.

BOTTOM: I think this black and white preston sturgess cake is really modern and "in." I found a lot of black and white inspirations, actually, but I'll deal with that in another blog!

This beautiful paisely cake came from I Dream of Cake. I think the detail in this cake is amazing!

And, last but not least, some inspiration from The Knot. As you probably already know, The Knot generally doesn't change their gallery around too much, although they occasionally add to it. So, once you're caught-up on what they have, it's easy to spot the newcomers!

flowers on chocolate by Cheryl Kleinman
violets and lavender by Ellen Baum Woll for Bijouxdoux

black and white modern by How Sweet It Is

So, that's it for this month ... mid-month I'm debating between the black and white motif and unique centerpieces ... if you have a preference, let me know!


Anonymous said...

These are some very cool cakes... Nice finds!

ahmed.ariej said...

this is so so cool

Anonymous said...

Your cakes are beautiful!

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