Friday, 16 May 2008

Enjoying Placecards and Tablemarkers!

Well, I know I WAS going to talk about black being "in" and such, but I had to do some research on place cards and table markers for an upcoming event and ran across some things I just had to share!

I think table markers, escort cards and place cards are the perfect places to put creative and unique touches about the bride and groom - be it that they love seashells or had something really special in their invitations which would be great to tie-in or they're into hearts, butterflies - whatever! But, even though I base my ideas on the bride and groom themselves, I always need fresh perspectives on how to display, format and graphic design them! This is what I found this time around...

Here's a chocolate brown, turquoise option I found over the The Knot. I love the modern, yet elegant approach.

Some other great Knot finds were these Photo Luminaries - the idea behind this was that the table was named after a landmark with a photo of the couple and then each side had something re: the town where the wedding was held - fact, history, pictures. I think, for the right couple, this idea would translate well here in Vallarta as we get so many out-of-town visitors who really know very little about Vallarta, Jalisco and Mexico in general.

Photos of the couple aren't exactly a new idea, but this one also had little details about the couple as well, which I thought was really smart and gave an old idea a new twist.

It makes sense that a lot of our couples love to travel - I've used photographs before and names of cities the couple have loved, but I found this postcard idea with the reason WHY that place was so special to the couple incredibly inspiring.

And, lastly also from The Knot, I liked the use of ribbon, the photograph and the graphic design - really sharp!


For some reason, I find Table Markers a lot easier to do than place cards - I think some of that is because place cards generally have such a small printing area. But these ideas should definitely help!

I think these place card votive ideas from The Wedding Bee are beautiful, classic and functional! The added ribbon just gives it a little added romantic touch.

I also loved this whimsical cake along with the flower place cards holder, which we found at Get Married. Great way to combine a place card with a favor.

These buttons, found over at Martha Stewart, can be ordered in all sorts of styles, names and icons. For just the right couple, I think this touch could be really impressive!

And lastly, but certainly not least as you know I love to save the best for last!, here is a place card tree found over at Style Me Pretty. I absolutely LOVE this place card display with the ribbons and the beads in a willow tree. Absolutely perfect!

Well, that's all for May Mid-Month - I promise to get around to the black and white inspirations as well as sharing some fabulous new centerpiece ideas really soon! And, as always, if there is something you need ideas for or are curious about, let me know and I'll see what I can find for upcoming blogs!


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