Sunday, 1 June 2008

Mexico Chic Wedding!

Wedding Date: May 24, 2008
Villa Crescencia
Wedding Coordinator:
Vows Vallarta
Months of work: 4 months

Here it is, the event we've been working months on! The bride wanted her guests to have a true Mexican experience, but not in the "commercial" sense of the word. It was a fun, exciting project! Here is an example of my idea page which I used to inspire me as I created her design:

The Bouquet
The bride wanted calla lilies, but they weren't available. So, we decided on stargazers and roses. My favorite part of the bouquet was her accent ribbon and I was very excited when I found it when I was out shopping!

Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaids and Bridal Bouquet
The Ceremony
So, we decided to create a papel picado huppah with the bride and grooms names and date of their wedding etched inside, atop a platform built especially for them, so their guests could see them better. We also had sandalwood fan favors with beads in the bride's colors of fuchsia and orange as well as seashell accents and chocolate brown ribbon. The bride and groom weren't real "seashell" people but, when I asked them for their invitation, their invitation had a seashell on it so I knew I needed to have a few accents of seashells spread through-out the wedding.

The Cocktail
After the ceremony, we took the ceremony chairs into the reception area and brought down cocktail tables which were covered with a rich chocolate brown and candles wrapped in orange, fuchsia, gold, chocolate brown and pink chiffon. The villa chairs were alternately covered in chocolate brown or various shades of chiffon. Adobe candles were also spread through-out the cocktail area.

Escort Cards and Drink Sign
The bride wasn't real crazy about fresh flowers, so we made paper flowers! The escort cards were propped-up in a large handmade paper flower rose. Drink Signs were modeled after the bride and groom's invitation, down to the cream and white striped background!

The Reception
Tables were covered with a beautiful sand/fuchsia tinted chiffon fabric and we used ordinary pinata bases for centerpieces but dressed them up with handmade paper rose and lily flowers and rocks. Table signs were various seashell photographs. Surrounding the paper flower centerpieces were adobe candles. I found out a few days before that two children were expected, so we bought and propped-up some toys at their place setting for them to enjoy! Napkins in sunburst orange were placed on the talavera dinnerware with the place cards. Paper flowers in orange, fuchsia and white were wrapped around the wine stems and indicated who was eating meat, fish or vegetarian!

The After Party
After dinner, guests were invited back into the previous cocktail area where we had lit the over 400 candles which were scattered through-out the villa as well as the hand-made beaded lanterns which framed the dance floor. The bride and groom had also supplied party masks which were displayed on the various cocktail tables. Hand-made floating lanterns were aglow in the pool - truly beautiful!

The Cake (cupcake tower!)
The bride and groom actually had a cupcake tower and, while we decorated the cupcake tower itself, the cupcakes were done by
Charme! The cupcakes were adorned with the same seashell accent as their invitation and, as promised in a previous blog, the bride and groom cupcake were a dress and suit respectively. They were a big hit!

That's all for now ... mid-month I will tackle the black and white trend. Until then, have a great rest of the month!


Irena said...

This looks amazing. Where did this event take place? What's the name of the villa?

Mishka Aznoe de Morales said...

I'm sorry!! I didn't see your comment until today - the villa was villa cresencia - and if you go to the top of the blog there's a link to take you to the website. The event was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! ;)

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