Sunday, 13 April 2008

Favor ideas especially for Vallarta...

Favor ideas! Who doesn't love that?! What I love about favors is the opportunity to personalize a gift from the bride and groom really specific to them as a couple - the options are endless (and fun!). I really prefer to try to stick to favor ideas which are either a) something the guests will really use or b) something that is more artistic or interesting so that the guests might be more likely to display it. I don't see favors as simply another thing someone has to throw into their suitcase and hide away somewhere!

First, I wanted to address favor ideas which are used often in Vallarta, but I wanted to share a way to look at these with a different "spin" on them! For example, maracas are a crowd favorite but by personalizing them with a hand-painted touch representing the bride and groom, makes them even that more special.


Another popular favorite is the famous Puebla Talavera (or the other various "knock offs" which are still beautiful, but as we know not quite up to Puebla standards). Something I like to do sometimes is to integrate the favors into the design decor. In this example, the water glasses were replaced with talavera favor cups!


On a similar theme of integrating the favors into the design, we've taken logos which are very important to the client (without them knowing it!:) and integrated them into useful favors such as embroidered handkerchiefs, embroidered napkins and hand-painted fans!


Along with tequilla, sweets are also a fairly common favor requests. For these particular favors, we made specially designed labels with guest's name and dinner seating as well as incorporated it into the cocktail decor of the event itself!


Then there are the more "unusual" favors such as retro Puerto Vallarta t-shirts for a retro wedding, hand-painted carnival masks, silver butterfly charms and artistic scenes of Vallarta from local artists.


I also wanted to point-out a few favor ideas which I found while visiting two of my favorite websites and Some of the ideas on these sites are really great ideas that won't break the bank and something which might be useful should it match the personality of your particular bride and groom.

I love the idea of luggage tags! Many's a time when I wished for a fun, creative set of luggage tags to really distinguish my luggage from everyone else when it came time to pick up my luggage. Of course, here in Vallarta, as we have a lot of destination couples, I think luggage tags even make more sense for their guests! Here are two very different ideas for luggage tags which I found online:


These luggage tags are under $3.00 a piece! I think, for a laid-back wedding, this might really work.


This particular set is more at expensive but still comes in at under $4.00 a piece. I think these are pretty elegant and the price isn't ridiculous!

I think bookmarks are also a good idea and there are so many options to choose from. We haven't made any yet, but I have oodles of ideas for just the right bride and groom. Meanwhile, I found these bookmarks with a seashell theme at BySerendipty for under $3.00!

I know not everyone loves magnets like I do, but I'm sure you'll have some clients who do! I found these magnets at ... of course, these are projects we can do here, but I think, at $2.00 a PACKAGE it's a hard price to beat!

Useful and great, especially if done well! These coasters at are under $3.00 each.

So, that's all for April mid-month ... if you there is something about decor that you're interested in but just don't have the time, just let me know and I'll see what I can find and put it in a subsequent blog!


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