Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Finding design ideas outside of wedding sites!

Hey everybody it's finally here!! It took much longer than I thought it would but what's important is here we are!! Once again, if you would rather not be part of the mailing list for the blog (or if you have subscribed to the feed for this blog), just let me know and I'll be sure to take you off the list - no questions asked!

So, for our "blog launch" I thought I would discuss finding inspiration in places OTHER than wedding related inspiration. For example, one of the weddings I did a while back I titled "Retro Pink." The bride wanted something 60's retro but done in an artistic, fun way. I went scouring the web and I found a designer who had created these designs (unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the designer at the moment but if you happen to see these and know who it is, please let me know so I can credit them properly!):

I knew this design would be PERFECT for her wedding and started the rest of the inspiration for this particular event. We didn't base the whole event so much on this design, as we utilized it to accent several key pieces, i.e.

Ceremony Aisle


And then we chose to place a few gerber accents in other small portions of the event such as:

Favor Accent Sign

And sequins to accent other portions of the event such as:

Napkins and Glass Accents

The sequins on the glasses were also utilized to indicate who was eating chicken and fish!!

Ceremony Backdrop and Other Accents

So, inspiration can come from any place, any where - just keep your eyes peeled for things you see every day and then consider utilizing them in different ways.

And, remember, if you don't have time to put the little details in your events but your clients would love to have them, we are here to work with you to ensure your client's events are amazing!


Liene Stevens said...

Congrats on your new blog!! It can be addicting. :)

Shane said...

Mishka: This site looks GREAT! Congrats to you and Omar for getting this business going -- your designs look great, too -- really amazing. I'm sure you guys will be much sought-after. I'll bet it took Omar FOREVER to make all those sequined centerpieces with only his hammer... ;-)

Link to MY site, link to MY site!!

Keep up the great work!

Oh yeah -- I've really been wanting to also start a blog, but don't know where to start one: artist blog site, photography blog site, others. Been looking around, but it's so overwhelming. I want to get the blog going, then send quarterly emails updating family, friends and photo biz contacts on my work and life. Any suggestions???


Norazihan said...

Love your work.

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