Thursday, 11 November 2010

Feathers, Flowers, Vintage...

In the midst of the maracas and wedding design, Kerry from Sayulita Wave came to us and asked if we could help out Alison - a super sweet bride who wanted something outside the box for her floral arrangements. I loved the whole idea and vibe of Alison's wedding and said "YES" ... Alison had these amazing hats and hair pieces done by Alisha Stevens of Love Charlie.

As you can imagine, these were a huge inspiration for the rest of the decor and I love how it all came together.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquets




Ceremony Aisle

Ceremony Altar Flowers
I know I have been promising forever but I mean it this time - Allyson & Jason's wedding photos are coming-up - there are just so many good ones and so much to talk about it's taking me a bit :).


Alison McMillen said...

Hi Mishka!
Todd and I have just returned to the states after a fantastic stay in Mexico. The wedding was so fun, so beautiful, so meaningful. And the flowers were just incredible! I loved how creative and different they only regret was that i didn't have an hour before the whole thing started to wander around and check em all out!!! If you have any more pictures of them I would love to have them. At the end of the night I made all the late nighters bring as many back to Las Hamacas as we could so that we could enjoy them as long as possible! At any rate, thank you so so so much, they were incredible!
And of course, thank you for your well wishes!

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