Friday, 16 October 2009

Cabos, starfish, eggplant purple and some lacy romance...

A huge shout-out goes to Brea who was married yesterday in Cabo San Lucas! Brea came to us with these simple, yet chic starfish wedding invites but she had fallen-in love with our very popular "lacy romance" maracas.

Brea's Invites

We tried combining the two but, in the end, lacy-romance won. Her colors were eggplant purple and orange and this is what Omar's end result was:

We had some cute tags but, unfortunately, no photos were taken!

Next is Mindi and Morgan's Candlelit Wedding - it's promising to be even more than I had hoped it would be when I orginally designed it, so you'll have to tune back-in next week and see!!


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