Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Become a Fan - Win Maracas - WINWIN!

The Scoop

Here's how this whole idea started ...

I said, "You know, it would be cool to do some sort of 'give away' to say thank you to our fans."

Omar said, "We could give away some maracas."

I said, "That's a great idea ... so, how to do it?"

And back and forth blah blah blah and here it is --- what will hopefully be a yearly tradition, the first ever "WinWin" drawing!

GRAND PRIZE: 20 of our simple, two-tone maracas! Like these pictured below (you do not have to choose one of these examples - we CAN design something based on your invites, your dreams, your doodlings)!

*Note: the awesome red and white maraca photo in the middle is from Elizabeth Medina's website!
RUNNER-UP: Your choice of either 20 "shake me" tags OR fork place cards (if you are not a bride, you do have an option of winning an original hand-painted fan!)!!


1. You become one of our fans on our facebook page

2. You send me a message - either comment on facebook or to my email. Let me know that you would like to enter your name in our "WinWin" drawing

3. If you're already a fan of our facebook page, just send me a message (or leave a comment on the facebook page) and let me know you would like to enter the drawing


We thought it would make things more fun if you could enter your name more than once - so, you could have the possibility of winning both the maracas AND the tags! Here's how to do that!

1. Every friend, relative or stranger you grab on the street who becomes one of our fans on facebook only needs to send us a comment via facebook or a message to my email and let me know the bride OR the name of the person they are entering for.

It's just that simple!

We will draw names and announce the winners January 15, 2010!

1. You MUST be a fan of our facbook page at the time of the drawing but you CAN withdraw from being a fan right after the drawing

2. You are responsible for shipping charges, if you are outside of the Puerto Vallarta area

3. We must have 2 weeks to complete the order

4. You CAN add a fancier design, name/date/location, etc. for additional charges
5. You CAN order more maracas, tags/place cards, if you need more
6. If you've already ordered maracas and you are the grand prize winner, you can substitute hand-painted fans for maracas.

7. The maracas and/or the tags/place cards prize(s) can be claimed up until May 31, 2010. If you have not claimed the prize before that date, the prize(s) will be forfeit.


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