Monday, 16 July 2012

Brand New Company - Maracas Mexico!

My dear brides, I'm very pleased to announce that our maraca business has gotten so big that I can no longer handle it on my own.  Therefore, the artists who have been painting the maracas, have started their own company called "Maracas Mexico".  Their webpage is not up yet, as they are working on it like crazy, but meanwhile you may email them at:  maracasmexico (at) and they will be more than happy to help you next season with your maraca orders.  I will no longer be involved in the process, freeing me up to focus on my first love of wedding/event design and decoration!

If you have already paid for an order for next year through Mishka Designs, I will still be handling that order through to completion.  But all orders that have not been paid for will need to go through the artist's company, run by my brother-in-law, Omar and his wife, Blanca.

I have more exciting things happening but can't disclose that until end of week!  This is a FUN, amazing month over here at Mishka Designs and can't wait to spill the frijoles!  Meanwhile, this week I will be blogging on Rene & Steve's wedding so look for those photos to be posted soon!


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