Saturday, 30 July 2011

Shannon & Derek's Fusion Chic Wedding!

Okay, here it is - the one I've been putting off because that means that the 2010/2011 wedding season is officially over ;). I'm super fortunate to get some awesome shots from Nate Broshot for this blog - he has such amazing energy when he shoots for a wedding and I think it shows in his work!

I have never met a couple as concerned about their vendors as Shannon & Derek - while Shannon knew exactly what she wanted, she never made me or any of the other vendors feel as though she didn't trust us completely and, most amazingly, they were both honestly concerned that everyone working at their wedding had absolutely everything they needed to do the best job possible. This wedding was pure joy to work on from start to finish...

Caterer: NAEF
Videographer: Eduardo Reyes

Shannon had given me a very detailed design board and notes of her own about what she really wanted -- something natural, chic and that would infuse her Thai heritage along with a few Mexican touches.

We really wanted to put the focus on a beautiful big tree that the villa had in their garden. So, we decided to not decorate it with anything :). The bride's bouquet was a mix of green cybidium orchids with beautiful dark purple calla lillies. I loved it because it was so different yet fit the wedding perfectly.

Down the aisle we had large glass square bowls with floating white cybidium orchids. There was a grill in the garden and we covered the grill with wood and placed various frames Shannon had brought from the states, along with pictures of the couple of their guests - these were favors. Also interspersed through-out were beautiful wooden elephants. We also provided hand-squeezed lemonade which took front and center :). We had cones with paper that I hand-made (as we don't have access to specialty papers down here :) filled with rose petals for the guests to throw at the recessional.

I didn't have anything to do with their vows, but they were absolutely beautiful - they took a moment and addressed each of their guests during the ceremony - I've never seen anything like it but it was truly heart felt and amazing :). If you want to see for yourselves, this is the video Eduardo put together for them :).

After the ceremony, the guests followed the cocktail sign down pool side where we had cocktail tables set-up underneath big umbrellas with signs on each which represented a movie that meant a lot to the couple. On the way down there was a table set-up with a "love" poster for the guests to sign. Poolside, there was also a tequila tasting table with tequila the bride and groom had chosen themselves :). In the pool were floating wooden lanterns cut-out with elephants and orchids.

On the way back up the stairs, we had floating candles on the stairway and half-way up was a little video/photo booth station for guests to stop and record a video message for the bride and groom, or take photos :).

I loved this little area - it was very intimate and colorful :).

We had one big long table down underneath the columns in the villa. We had chosen a sand colored tablecloth with banana leaves going down the center and centerpieces of orchids and fresh cut limes and purple hydrangae in glass vases interspersed with candles and a beautiful dusty gray flower candle which I actually found by accident but heart heart just the same :). I also placed a few starfish to bring in a bit of natural "peach" tone to the table. Shannon had provided these beautiful green woven grass boxes which each held a wooden elephant as a favor for her guests. The placecards were various special Mexican recipes, as our bride and groom love to cook (and eat ;).

Shannon & Derek wanted desserts instead of cake so I thought it would be fun to make stands to look a bit like a multi-level cake with the desserts placed around it. I heart heart this area.

Right next to the reception area, was the dance floor - beautiful, multi-colored Chinese lanterns in the bride's colors of woven green, dusty gray purple, white and peach. Scattered around the lanterns were also light weight colorful shells to give the floor a little bit of whimsy.

As the guests were down below during the cocktail, we flipped the ceremony area into a lounge area. Special fabric tops were made for the white lounge furniture in order to give it a bit more of a chic, contemporary feel and we scattered the area with candles.

This wedding was a beautiful way to end our 2010/2011 Wedding Season ... a warm and caring couple, amazing guests, detailed design, wonderful food, great vendors ... in one word: Awesome!

A few more maraca shout-outs are coming-up AND I'm going to do a few design inspiration blogs this summer, seeing as things are pretty calm ... so stay tuned :). And, to all of who made our 2010/2011 season so beautiful and amazing and heart-warming, I think Derek & Shannon said it best....


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