Monday, 21 December 2009

MarToca Beach Garden Grand Opening!

Well, here it is - the photos from the MarToca Beach Garden Grand Opening in Bucerias! When Jimmy (the owner and all-around cool guy!) asked us to participate we were hesitant - mostly because we are a small "mom and pop" (or rather, brother/sister-in-law!) operation and don't have oodles of money to spend on such fun opportunities! But Jimmy found a way to help us with costs and we had such a great time - and such an amazing venue!

Then Memo from Charme (who, as most of you know who follow the blog! :)) agreed to decorate a cake for us and to donate yummy, nummy pastries to accent the decor space and then Jimmy asked us to decorate a Margarita area just for him AND, then, Michael Amici - an awesome new photographer in-town and all-around incredible person (also he's very good at stringing orchids!! ;)) - said he would also take some pictures for us (all pictures donated by him!! thank you Michael!) AND our flower vendor, Juan Carlos from GDL said he would donate some of the flowers .... well, anyway, kismet was in the air!

Mishka Designs & Charme....
So, this was "our" area ... Omar and I wanted something that would represent "us" as well as showcase Memo's incredible pastries ... I wanted something beachy, yet elegant - to really accentuate the MarToca space but in a graceful, airy sortof way ... so we decided on white dendrobium orchids, pink cymbidium orchids and strung crystals, along with the crystal chandelier we had originally designed for Britt but just done a little differently would be amazing up-top. Then we had our entranceway with some larger crystals and strung orchids to greet guests as they entered. We really did want to showcase Memo's work, so we placed pretty pink chiffon cocktail tables, accentuated with black ribbon in the middle of the area and round hand-painted batik pillows and our logo in swarovski crystals with a white lounge for guests to sit back and enjoy the amazing sunset! And, of course, you have to have floating lanterns in that amazing pool!

If I was designing this for a wedding, this would probably be the dance/cake area and we would add a few more candles to really give it a great romantic glow.

MarToca Margaritaville....

Jimmy had seen the rose balls we did for Greg & Panida's wedding as well as the lamps - so he knew he wanted those for sure - the rest he left to us! It took me a bit to figure out the angle I was going to take this little area but, once I saw this amazing grey chiffon, I knew! We did 10 rose balls (that's close to 1,000 roses!) with crystals and 20 hand-painted glass candles as well as accent pillows for this very chic upscale Margaritaville ... Just one of those spaces that looked amazing during the day and gave you a cozy, warm feel at night!

The People....

It's rare we ever have time to take photos at an event - but this was a fun event, not really a working event, so we were able to get a few pictures in .... this next photo is Memo and his wife Lucy (charme) - AND this picture was taken by me, not by any pro ;).

Next up, we have a fun group shot .... Omar and I with Memo from Charme and our good friends Tamara and Patti from Incredible Weddings.

We were fortunate enough to have Nikki & Roland, our fun, sweet couple whose December 5th wedding we were lucky enough to coordinate/design, attend the cocktail!

And, lastly, I couldn't resist putting-in this picture - I just love it! Me and Tamara (Incredible Weddings) .... and now you know .... I am a Corona girl ;).

Fun Fun aside, MarToca really is an amazing place, if you want something that's beachside, beautiful and amazing but weren't really looking to have your event at a villa! Two thumbs up! :)


Anonymous said...

Mishka my dear friend,
Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent and your valuable time and creative passion. La Martoca Beach Garden grand opening would not have been nearly as successful without your creations and your friends mentioned above and their help. Michael is a new friend for me and I cannot wait to go see him in San Miguel (your pictures are fantastic!). Charme blew everyone away with some chocolate delicacy that kept people from leaving your section!
I would like to tell people that as amazing as Michael photography is, one must experience a Mishka design in person. My mom adores you and my wife loves you so you must be an amazing designer and an even more warm and genuine good and caring soul. You are such an unselfish person and that is why you are such a famous designer. Mishka, you give it all without reservation and you care so much about pleasing people and it reflectsin your decorations and creativity.
You may bea "mom and pop and brotherinlaw" operation but you create with more heart, passion and soul than any company could ever have therefore, you are the best at what you do.
Martoca Beach anxiously awaits your next creation and invites anyone who would like to have a unique, enchanting and captivating design that will have your guests talking for years, to ask Mishka to share her talent with you!
Jimmy Basáñez
Martoca Beach

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