Friday, 18 September 2009

Purple Haze...


A wee late but here we are! I have to admit that I found researching some great purple ideas was a lot harder than doing the yellow - or even the polka dots! I hadn't expected that ... but, when done well, I think purple can really bring a pop of color into a wedding. Take a look at the design inspiration board.....

Top: Beautiful chandelier - great for a dance floor accent (Amazon); Great purple pattern with green chair (Anh Minh);

Bottom: Love this outdoor set-up (Sugar Plum Invitations); Really heart this purple see-through pattern (Harmony and Home); and I found this amazing dress designed by a young design student at Auroras Light.


You know how much I love graphics and these invitations, I think, are truly some of the best eclectic group of invites I've collected in a while! I do think invites and/or STDs are one of the most important design pieces for your wedding - they make a statement right from the start about what guests can anticipate and look forward to!

Top: Very pretty, elegant monogram type invite (Pink Design Events); whimsical and creative (Invitations by Nature).

Middle: I think this color combination is just really nice (Be Our Guest); And I would have never thought to put green and purple together before but I am becoming a fan! (Mirabel Press); I like the layers and texture in this invite (Be Spoke).

Bottom: I have to heart heart this whole invite collection - it's really just awesome (Joyful Heart Design); and I really love the use of the black with the purple dendrobium orchids - just gorgeous! (Invitation Box); UP TOP we have this great traditional, yet modern monogram and pattern (Lela New York); Next I super heart heart this amazing invite collection (Style Me Pretty); DOWN BELOW we have this pretty two-tone purple invite (Imagine Wedding).


Fortunately for the purple bride, there are a variety of flowers in PV to make the perfect purple bouquet. Some of my personal favorites would be dendrobium orchids, sterling silver roses and purple lisianthius. And a disclaimer - some of these bouquets do have flowers that are not available here in Vallarta but as it seems I have a following of people who aren't getting married in Vallarta, I've included them anyway! :)

Top: Not my favorite but has lots of promise (Kugab); really pretty with a hint of purple (Romantic Wedding Flowers).

Middle: I heart heart this bouquet - it's just full of surprise and beauty! (Holly Chapple Flowers); again, another beautiful bouquet of orchids not available in pv ;) (Wedding Tactics); This is such a pretty, soft, romantic bouquet (In Emotion).

Bottom: Absolutely heart heart heart this organic looking, amazing bouquet (The Knot); A great combination of flowers and colors (ColleenBlooms on Flickr!); UP TOP we have a bouquet I wish I could have gotten a little bigger to really see what the blooms are, but pretty nonetheless (Tastefully Entertaining); DOWN below a yummy looking bouquet (May Wedding Flowers); and last very pretty purple/white bouquet (Istock Photo).


To stay away from high school prom scary, I really found that you needed to be creative with the whole purple dominant theme .... as a result some of these centerpieces are just amazingly imaginative and definitely something that will make a statement.

Left: Just heart heart these floral boxes - not real sure I would put them into a centerpiece but would definitely love to tuck them around a reception area (Stylish Events); absolutely awesome beaded vases with purple flowers tucked-in - those vases will look great with some candles next to them in the evening (Country Living); great branches with dark purple orchids (The Knot).

Middle: This is such a great, amazing centerpiece that it had to have its own category - even if we can't get those purple blooms here in Vallarta (Simply Blooms).

Right: I heart heart heart these creative flower vases - what a simple idea but it just looks fabulous (My Coin Purse); two ceremony ideas - love the purple with green on the ceremony chairs (Wedding Belles); and I thought this ceremony aisle was different, the way they draped the fabric and put the purple floral balls at the top (Invitation Box); and last so pretty little floral vases and big pillar candles (Elizabeth Anne Designs).


Well, ya'all know how I love cakes - they are just a great way to add a signature accent to the evening and, when done just right, can be a great moment :).

Top: I would prefer a different shade of purple, but this design is just heavenly (Real Simple); I just thought this cake had enough elements in it to make it really interesting (Pretty Frosting).

Middle: Great use of different shades of purple with a touch of hint (Stylish Events); again, just really am grooving this green and purple combination (Invitation Box); I'm not normally a fan of sugar flowers but I think this cake just looks awesome (Kue Wedding).

Bottom: I have to be honest - I'm not real sure how I feel about this cake - but it was so creative and original I just had to include it (Budget Wedding Planning); I know this isn't a cake, but I can imagine how a cake would look if you utilized those swirls and flowers - awesome! (The Artful Quiller); I liked this very different size, striped cake (A Piece of Cake); and last silver white and purple - with dots no less! (Tastefully Entertaining).

So, I will try my very best to do another inspiration board before we launch into this next season - it's going to be a busy one, so forgive me if I get a wee behind!


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love my sketch being there.....great blog!
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